Pre Jump Rituals/Warm-ups

Hey guys,

I have been trying the same 40 cm. hop for a few days now, and can land it abut 10% of the time. I’m trying to figure out rituals or warm-ups people do to prepare them for the big hop.


I just ride around pretty fast and aggressively doing little things, like 180s, jumping down and up stairs and ledges, just to get the blood flowing,

If im really bored ill do those SIF crouching exercises a bit, but not much.

After im warmed up I do some stretches too.

Any stretches in particular?

Not really. Just basic ones for legs body and arms.

I just do some crank grabs on the object before I try going to rubber.

This is kind of on topic, every day I go out to hop on top of things, its almost as if I have to relearn how to do it. Like sometimes something I could do easy at the end of yesterday will take me a half hour to land the next. Does this happen to any of you.

Same thing with me.


Jump w/o the uni as high as you can and pull your legs up all the way w/ your knees around your shoulders.

Repeat 20 times.

Jump on a bunch of stuff that’s normally relatively easy untill you’re warmed up. Focus on consistency, smoothness, and speed.

that’s good. sometimes, when i’m bored i practice jumping and pulling my legs up, just to get my body more and more used to it.

basically, most of jumping onto objects is a mind over matter. when i started riding trials i couldn’t hop onto anything higher than a curb, then my mental block became anything higher than my tire, then my seat post clamp, and now it’s anything higher than my seat. Even though I can hop higher than my seat (there are also eye-witnesses), over 1m high, I have yet to hop onto something that high or higher. 39 is the highest i’ve landed. Rest assured, I will also be pushing my own limits both vertically, laterally, with speed, flow and style all this summer. I feel it’s going to be a good summer.

To warm up, I also do squats with the uni (I call them Zack Baldwin squats, because he was the first that I saw post about them in detail), and I squat ride. I stretch before all of that, and pogo on my feet to warm up my ankles, and then I hop w/o the uni and bring my legs up to my chest.

Any time I squat w/the uni i also push the seat as far forward as I can. Any time I warm up ride sif I push the seat as far away as I can, making sure to keep the pressure from my hand that’s holding the seat, off of the seat. I also ride sif backwards pushing the seat out farther from me, as I go along.

Getting good at these things, I could ride SIF with more confidence than seat-in, and generally better than seat-in. Isn’t that weird?

Someone asked a consistency question. Yes. I sometimes go outside and do something, mess up on it, when I landed it easily the day before. This is when I have to compose myself and not get angry, otherwise my whole ride will be a frustration.

hope that helps!

These are on the George Peck video. :roll_eyes:

speaking of that, have you ever tried rubbing the seat on the ground and riding for any distance?
its quite a new feeling once you can do it.

something that helps me is to find something about 5" lower (this is when i’m getting on something 30" or so) than what i’m looking at, but SLIGHTLY more technical, like i have to land on a 6" wide ledge or something, do that repeatedly, and if at all possible, jump over it, or at least attempt it several times. i find that jumping over things increases my ability to hop up things.

in my case, crank grabbing anything kills my ability to jump on it. i have crank grabbed a ledge that was up to my chest, but i havn’t even gotten within 6" of that high jumping onto something.

KH has said that a good way to improve SIF balance and control is to learn seat drags/pushes.

this is true, now try ducking while doing one :slight_smile:

Interesting ideas,

my hop right now is at 16." as 4 days ago it was 12." As for right now, I’m just trying to master the 16" before I go any higher, and oh, skrobo, I’m going to try what you said about the jumping over things, 6" lower.

Thanks for the comments and keep postin’!

I don’t have to warm up, because I’m a ninja.

It’s mostly about confidence so I jump do all sorts of stuff like uni spins to get my confidence up. Trying something slightly lower than 40cm before you do 40cm would help too.

try it 100 times and get really really mad.
kick ur uni around a bit.
try it another 100 times and get even worse.
at this point you will feel like giving up. do so.
come back the next day and get it first try.

Wow dude thats some pretty sound advice right there.
Maybe I should try that, theres this house thats pretty high but I just cant seem to get onto it :roll_eyes:

It took me a while to come up with that routine and im pretty proud of it actually.
perhaps if you try for something higher then the house first? mayb a telephone pole…

I used to jump straight on my uni and ride, but at some point I started stretching and really noticed the difference in my riding.
Normally I stretch my calfs and my quads and that seems enough to do a bit of trials.