pre hop

on average, what is the extra height one gets from the pre-hop (as compared to a hop without a prehop)? it would be helpful to provide hop and no hop stats as to campare proprotions…

about 3-4 inches

probably around 10-15 cm


Ive found that if i can get a rolling start and have the pedals line up favoralby before the hop that i can get higher without the prehop. I usually do the prehop on rolling hops if my pedals arent lined up, but i dont favor this.

With muni I can get that extra pop on a rolling hop(w/out prehop) when the momentum of the wheel pushes my back foot up before the hop.

I suppose on a hop from being stationary, the prehop adds a couple inches. Ill try to pay more attention in the future. :slight_smile: