Pre cmw trials ride/competition!

Ok, so as many of you are excited about CMW to come I invite all to a trials ride and competition on the way.

We will be holding the actualy trials event on Wednesday (10-5-2011), then making the roadtrip up north on Thursday so that we can all make the first ride Friday morning! Of course all are welcome to come early, plenty of floor space here(Seriously I have a 4bed 2bath house and no roomates!)! For those who want to make our few unicycle events last just that little bit longer, this is a great addition!

The trials will be at “Rock Wells” (Stoddard Wells)
If you need a physical address then 16885 Frontage Rd, Victorville, CA 92395 (Taco Chon, trials are about 200yrds from there)

As for time, we have not decided to go with an early AM approach, or an afternoon ride. Lets avoid the heat of high noon!

I will be there. Going to be mint

this is the best trials and epic muni spot on planet earth. count me in. somebody come pick me up on the way! i live in fresno


Who all is going to make it?

Oh, and if any of you were planning on coming up here, it would help to know this in advance. We have a nice, cozy group at the moment, but you’ll still need to register, which includes joining the Unicycling Society of America. It would be great to see you!