praising the bedford light duty trials

i have had my bedford trials uni for one week as of tuesday and i just thought id tell y’all what i think of it. this thing is a monster it can take the punishment will no damage whatsoever from regular usage. the huge bouncy tire is so amazing its very grippy and doesnt flatout to the sides. teh hub and cranks are pretty good considering the fact that they cotterless. ive taken it off multiple 2-3ft drop and i weigh 230lbs :astonished: the cranks are only showing a very slight bend if any. this is an excelent starter trials for anyone who want to get the quality without paying a supper high price.


i agree i had that uni…

you still do…kinda…its like it was given a strength potion…now its even more of a monster.

i’m gunna buy that Uni in a few weeks as soon as I got the money, how is the bedford seat?

the seat isnt too good but not bad… it is not good for any tricks or jumping, it is for the “beginner” and i would strongly recremend getting the kh seat with uni for the 50 $ more… the uni is really good. i started off with the bedford light with the bedford seat, then i upgradded the seat, i kept it like this for a year then just last week i baught the kh/onza hub and cranks… it is a really nice uni…

Glad to hear you like the unicycle so far, but you may want to tone down those drops a bit, if only after a week its already showing a (minor)bend in the cranks it is only going to get worse. The metal will continue to fatigue until its simply too weak to handle it. Good luck!

Mine should be here any day, and I weigh 136, so I can’t freaken wait. :astonished:

reed the seat is a piece of junk for trials…it has no lift handle and is really big in the back so its hard to pull out fo sif trials. but its great for freestlye so if you have another uni with a kh style seat thej just get the 200$ bedford and switch the seats.

Yeah I’ve got a Kris seat I’ve been using for three years. I want a gel one, but I can’t find any from the USA UDC. any leads on a useD?

i just sold my old uni(crappy norco) for 125$ so now im half way to buying my new hub/cranks.

is that one your red one?

yup it was