Prague – Hamburg – Amsterdam on 1Wheel // Elberadweg - Nordseeküsten Radweg // 36er

Unicycle Trip from Prague along the rivers Moldau and Elbe to Hamburg and Cuxhaven at the North Sea and along the coast to Amsterdam. Using bike routes on 2017 km, namely Germany’s most popular Elbe bicycle path and the North Sea cycle path, the route takes advantage of a fantastic bicycle infrastructure. This unicycle trip allowed me to meet people from all ages, countries, backgrounds and from all social groups – what a wonderful experience I will never forget!

Great adventure! You really know how to live! Thanks. :wink:

Awesome tour! :smiley: The bike infrastructure in that part of the world is just on another level.

Well the video is OK, but Czechoslowakia??!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

We separated 01/01/1993! It has been more than 20 years!

Please accept my apologies (for the 2nd time). It should of course read Czech Republic instead of Czechoslowakia. I wasn’t aware of this huge sensitivity before :wink:

Fantastic travel … A huge amount of km. You are very strong

Fabulous and inspiring.

wenn du nochmal nach hamburg kommst musst du uns unbedingt besuchen!
klasse tour :sunglasses: