Practise or unicycle?

I am back into riding after about… 4-5 years of not using it?

Prior to that about 5 years of experience since I was 11. I wouldn’t describe myself as a beginner, and I wouldn’t describe myself as a pro.

I’ve never actually owned a decent unicycle myself, just a pretty bog standard unbranded beginner 19”. I have ridden a chain-driven giraffe and a selection of quality nimbus unicycles, from 19-24”, however never actually owned one.

After coming back to unicycling, I’ve been struggling with height on bunny hops, but I’m not really sure if this is down to lack of recent practice or my crappy unicycle. I never used to struggle doing steps but now it’s a challenge even on a kerb.

So my question is,

Is a new adult trick unicycle going to miraculously grant me the ability to bunny hop properly again or is it just down to the lack of practise?

Not any more than buying a pair of Air Jordans will grant you the ability to 360 jam a basketball.

Just practice on the old one until it breaks, and if it doesn’t break you aren’t practicing hard enough. Then get a better one.

I’d say a lot more than that. Like going from sandals on concrete to shoes inside a gym.

It’s not going to suddenly turn you into Mike Taylor, but especially a decent saddle can help. On the other hand, a good rider will not struggle to hop up a curb with any unicycle.

:)We don’t know what you’re trying to hop on now. As a 19", it sounds like a Trials uni of some sort, which should have a wide tire. That makes a big difference compared to a “regular” tire of about 1.75" width. Those need a lot of air pressure to make big hops, but then they ride like rocks and aren’t good for other things. If you have a Trials-type tire (over 2") you should have good bounce qualities, now it’s just a matter of learning the technique.

Assuming you have a good pressure set. The most basic rule of uni tire pressure is to have enough air to keep your rim off the ground. Beyond that, add more air depending on your needs.

Generally, it’s not about the equipment. Most of us started out on “basic” unicycles that weren’t indestructible, and then worked our way up. If the unicycle is holding together, work with it. Trials unicycles are a little heavy, necessarily, to support the abuse and the beefy tire and crankset. A top-of-the-line one will still be a little heavy compared to a unicycle that’s not intended for pounding up and down. The advice of “ride it until it breaks” may sound harsh, but it’s a reality that will tell if your current uni is up to the task, or if you need something that’s intended for proper Trials.

Thanks very much for your help everybody!

It’s a 19 inch with 1.75 width tires. I’m only running it on about 50psi. .

I’ll keep practising on this for now until I can afford to get a proper trials unicycle.

Seems like there’s a hell of a lot more available since the last time I bought one!

I think you’re using too much psi. For muni I was once told to only have 20psi. Normally I ride with about 30psi on all my unis. less air means less bounce or blockage on small bumps and pits.