practicing turns

lol… built 3 news skinnies so i can start learning to turn on the skinny…now i have 31 feet of total skinny in my driveway :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, I love watching your videos. They always show your progression, and how you practice to become better at all different aspects of your trials.

Keep it up!

Looking great! Wish I had a place here to practice stuff the way you do!
But uhhhh you might wanna check that tire pretty soon! :astonished:

Yeah!!! Love that nut-basket drop…
Bet your neighbors get some good entertainment out of your practice.
Seriously … love to watch the skinny stuff you do.
Way to put in the work.

thanks for watching! i’m glad yall liked it

the tire still has plenty of life, believe it or not :p. my old maxxis was even more worn than that

luckily the fall wasn’t too disastrous, didn’t really get hurt.