Practicing for Seattle muni fest

I thought we should get a little training in before August.

:slight_smile: Think about how good he’ll be when he’s your age.

Yah he’s already better than me.

Here’s Sunday’s ride.

Exciting little video. I enjoyed his thought process at the end. :smiley:

Looks like he is about ready to start holding onto the saddle with one hand. That would help him control the bumps a little better.

@gear he holds the handle when I remind him. He gets better every time.
How old were your boys when you got them on 24s? I think he’s ready.

Nathan(youngest) received a Nimbus Oracle on his 9th Birthday. I also chose to purchased a Nimbus II frame. That way I could cut it down to make it short enough for him to fit. See Photograph. The Oracle frame is still hiding in the closet. Height is going to be the biggest factor.

Honestly if he is not asking for a larger wheel I would hold off as long as possible. Having two unicycles only complicates the ride. Now they are not sure of which one to take or they blame the riding conditions on having the wrong wheel. Boys!!! Dad’s here, the complaint department must be open.

24 = 36

To him, that 24 might as well be a 36. Man, I wish I learned when I was a kid. One can only imagine.

The first picture should be on the cover of a magazine. Though I don’t know which one it would be.

Popping around those rocks… he’s gotta be good.

@Gear- he already has 3 unis to ride. A 20" for SCATS at school, a 26" for road riding with me and now the trials. I suppose we could try the 26" on trails but the rim is very weak from bending and straightening from my abuse, even for his 60 lbs. Really I wanted to try a 24" myself and he makes a good excuse.:smiley:

Thanks Biped.:slight_smile:

SillyContraption - Oh in that case you should only buy the best. Might I suggest a Nimbus Oracle 24 or possible branch out and pick up a New Kris Holm 24. :smiley: 3 unicycles - I’m up to 9 and Nate keeps eyeing that NightFox.

That’s a pretty awesome kiddo you’ve got there! I bet you’ll have a blast at the Seattle Muni Fest.

Love the 661 forearm pads - same ones my kids are using! Well done @Silly & @Gear.

@Gear- we are down to 7 unicycles but looking for more. After last years uni purchases I have been put on a strict budget so no Oracles or KHs for us. A good used Nimbus 24 muni would be great.

@phreak and @freak- Thanks I’m really proud of him and also if his little brother for keeping up with us on his bike.