Practice Time?

For the past few months I have been engaging in a hightened level of
unicycling activity. ( This is partly due to the fact that I subscribed
to this mailing list. ) During any given week I may unicycle for up to
one hour five days of that week. These hours of unicycling are spent
working on new skills. I don’t just ride around, flail about and jam my
wrist into the ground when I fall. ( I now wear wrist gards.) The things
I work on are level 4 skills like one footed riding and seat out back
riding. I have just started to try wheel walking.

    Rarely do I spend more than one hour at a time unicycling. Riding every
    day would be fine but after 45 minutes of continuous riding I get sloppy
    and loose focus. Is this common? I am curious how long other people
    ride. How much does an expert practice?

Bob Helber

Re: Practice Time?

Hi Everyone,

When I actual do practice, I like to do it 2-3 hours, but I usually rest a few
seconds between attempts at a new skill, so I won’t get tired out too quickly.

However, there’s not enough hours in the day, so I usually end up doing 60-90
minutes, assuming I can find a place to practice.

I like to do the physically demanding skills first while I’m fresh. Then I do
the less physically demanding skills while somewhat tired. It can be good to do
skills while being tired, because then one has to execute that much better to
overcome the tireness; this can also be a realistic condition after riding a lot
before an artistic competition.

I can see here an embryonic article about preparing for artistic competition;
sorry I can’t finish it now; I need my beauty rest!

Stay on Top,

Ken Fuchs <