Practice time (fwd)

> In my youthful days, I sometimes would practice three hours or more, but
> usually it was closer to one or two or less.

I came to unicycling after learning to juggle 7 balls, and was very happy to
notice that I’m simply better at acquiring physical skills now - I much more
consciously notice what I’m learning, and when I must rest, and when I should
give up for the day. The most impressive effect was that I could continue to
improve for three or four hours every night for the week it took me to learn
(alone, and without having ridden a bicycle for years).

However, I do not recommend it to people. Back when I was learning to juggle 3,
4, 5 it was definitely better to go shorter periods, as I wouldn’t improve for
more than half an hour or an hour at a time.

I’ve been going to the unicycling club in Geneva recently, where they play
unicycle basketball. It sounds something like this: “Merde merde merde merde
merde merde merde”. Due to, or because of, the not very serious level of the
game, it is played as a high contact sport, and frequently degenerates into
unicycle wrestling.

One of the unicyclists there (Julian Gagne, if I have the name right) can coast
backwards (10-20 feet). Do other people do this? Allen K. delurking