Practice lame-time

Every time I practice (I’ve got over 18 hours in so far) I have a period of time (about 10 minutes or more,) in which I feel totally muscle-memory stupid. It’s like I’m back at the 5 hour mark. I can only get in 1 full revolution and then I’m off on my feet. What is that all about? I feel like I’ll never be able to mount and ride off immediately.

Another question, how does one learn to swivel the hips (or any other parts, for that matter) for balance? I seem to use my arms a bit to stay on the machine for up to 20 meters, but haven’t mastered any other balancing technique. If the arm waving doesn’t work, I just fall off.


I’ve had similar problems. Some days I just feel “off”. I get on, and fall after half a revolution. Other days I hope on, ride a mile to school with no probs, and then back with no probs.
As for balancing, I’ve found it just takes lots of practice to minimize arm waving. Kind of like biking, at first you’re really wobbly and unsteady, after a while you get on and go :slight_smile:

Re: Practice lame-time

This, I think, is simply that you’ve not been riding that long. 18 hours is not a whole lot of time in the saddle. Those lapses will become fewer and fewer as you ride more and more. Your muscles, and not your brain concentrating on every move, will be in control.

In my experience the ability to use other parts of my body to adjust and balance really didn’t start happening until I learned to idle. Once you can idle, you can shift around with a lot more confidence letting your feet, legs, and hips help you balance. Learning to idle is a whole new challenge, but it is very much worth it.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ