I’m doing a PowerPoint presentation on unicycling for a class I’m taking. I’m hoping to explain all the different types of unicycling and give some videos of each. I would like to put my own music to the presentation so I was looking for some videos without music.
If anybody has some links that would be great. If you have some really good ones that have music I could probably use those also. I would be nice if they were from around 20 seconds to a minute long but that’s not necessary. I need video of trials, muni, freestyle, etc. I also would like videos of people riding cokers, giraffes, BC wheels and any other weird stuff you can think of.
The videos can’t be in QuickTime format because it’s as hard as anything to get those to run on Microsoft software.
Also if you have any nice stills to give me that would be awesome.


Sorry, I don’t have anything, but i’ll try to put it back on the front page for you.

Come on, people! Help him out!

I have some pics up at http://www.shutterbook.com/albums/evil/
just look for the albums that say “BUUC” at the front.
Also there are some vids and pics at http://evil.linuxfreak.ca and http://cs.ubishops.ca/~buuc/

It is easy to convert MOV files to other (more convenient) formats with Windows. You just gotta know the right tools. See this thread for the details.

Removing the audio from a video is also easy. Just re-encode it while disabling the audio track. Then you can add your own audio. All of the tools in the above linked thread can remove the audio track from a video.