Poweriser Stilts (Possibly) For Sale

Howdy all,

A coworker of mine has been looking into purchasing some Poweriser stilts for quite some time now. There’s an auction on eBay for a lot of 10 which he’s wanting to bid on. The problem is moving seven or eight pairs (he’s wanting two pairs and I’m already thinking of taking one).

Would anyone here be interested in a pair of these things?

With him taking two pairs of the 7090s and me taking a pair of 5070s, there would be three pairs of 7090s (160-230 pounds) and four pairs of 5070s (130-160 pounds) up for grabs.

He says whoever shows serious interest before he gets them will get them at cost. The auction is at $1,200 with around $250 for shipping, so right now they’d cost $145 a pair, plus actual shipping costs.

I haven’t talked to him about his maximum bid, but I’m pretty sure he’s aiming for a sub-$200 price per pair (they normally go for $3-400).

If anyone is interested, let me know. I’m always on AOL Instant Messenger (AllenWittman), or you can send me a PM here on the boards. Or, heck, just post in this thread.

The auction ends in four days!

I’ve seen those in Cirque du Soleil or elsewhere. Really cool! I might be interested in a pair of those. How about a link to the auction, so we can see what we can about them (I haven’t tried searching)?

I would want to know condition (# of hours used), and reason for selling.

They are about 100 times cooler than my Sharper Image Air-Go pogo stick. I should sell that to help recoup the expense…

The auction can be found here.

As far as I know, they’re completely brand new and have never been used and are just a closeout sort of item. From previous auctions and the website, it looks like the seller deals primarily in electric scooters.

Thanks! Wonder why they are selling them in a lot, instead of individually?

Please put me down as a “maybe.” Sorry I can’t be more specific at this time… :roll_eyes:

Those look really cool. I have seen them being used on several TV shows. I would like to get a pair to try out, but I don’t think I’ll be buying them anytime soon.

So, if you live on Oahu and have some money to throw around… please get these, I want to see them!


I know a couple of people that own a pair and they look great fun, wud like to go on them but last time i went on stilts was 6 months ago.



This is mostly just a bump, but also a little bit of an update.

Mark has e-mailed the seller about drop shipping to people who have paid in advance, thus eliminating double shipping. The seller says in the auction that he or she will ship however the buyer says, so there hopefully won’t be a problem.

Right now, it looks like two pairs of 7090s and three pairs of 5070s are spoken for, plus a few other people showed interest. Those people will obviously get first priority, so if you want to get dibs in, do it earlier than later.

I think Mark is going to bid to the point that it wouldn’t cost more than $200 for anyone to get a pair.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.

Re: Bump.

They do look way cool… I don’t really need any new toys now, but what the hell. Put me down for a 7-series pair.

Check your PM’s

uber interested

Hey Allen,
i dont see how i missed this thread in the first place, but i am super interested in these cool shoes. I live in Australia however and want to know if i would have to pay double shipping- also i assume this is in American dollars?
(a bit ironical that you cant get “kangaroo” shoes in Australia.)
Also would they suit someone who weighs 60-70 kg’s?

Looks like I might be able to pool a few people here in the islands to pitch in for a pair. Can you put me down as a possible for a pair of 5070s. What’s the deal with shipping? I live in Hawaii so I know it’s going to be higher, but do you have any idea how much higher?


Mark has asked the seller about shipping directly to you all instead of here and having us shipping everything out a second time. He’s trying to keep the cost down for everyone.

The seller is in California, so it will probably be cheaper to ship it to Hawaii from there instead of Illinois in the first place. If you know of a good way to ship cheaply, let us know and we’ll recommend it to the seller. The auction states that the seller will follow our shipping instructions, so we’ll hopefully get our way. If that falls through, it will probably cost an extra $20 for the shipping from California to Illinois.

In sensible units, the 7090s are rated for people 72 to 104 kilograms and the 5070s are rated for people 50 to 72 kilograms. Since you’re sitting right there on the edge, you would probably be fine with either set, so I guess it would be up to you (and the available stock) to pick which pair you’d get. And yes, U.S. Dollars all the way.

Cross your fingers, folks.

Shipping addresses

Also, if you guys could e-mail me your shipping addresses so we can figure out shipping costs ahead of time, we’d appreciate it.

Either use the e-mail link in my profile, or myfirstname AT jvil.com


Oh, one more thing…

Sending money via PayPal from a bank account will be the quickest and cheapest way to get money to us. PayPal charges on credit card payments, and neither of us are set up to accept them yet.

There’s probably a possibility of some other sort of electronic funds transfer, but we haven’t looked into that yet.


We totally won.

Mark was going to go to $1,500, but I think eBay bug bit him and he managed to win the auction at $1,605.

That makes these puppies $160.50 a pair (plus shipping), which isn’t bad at all.

And to think that today he was saying, “I’m going to bid $1,500 and if someone wants to bid $1,600…” And then he shrugged his shoulders.

Thanks for all you have done and are about to do. I just sent you a PM. Just out of curiosity, are there any stilts not spoken for?


Allen, I hadn’t heard back from you on my e-mail or PM. Have you gotten them? I am ready to paypal just let me know when and where.

If you still have a pair of 7090
I will take them.

Send me a e-mail
darren at bedfordunicycles dot ca


I think all of the stilts have been claimed.

For those of you waiting, I’ve sent your addresses off to the seller for a shipping quote. Hopefully, we’ll hear back sometime today and we can get things finalized.

If anyone backs out, I’ll put up another post.


hey just wondering what the status is with the stilts,
thanks a heap,