powered gliding

the high winds post got me thinking has any one ever tried using a kite to pull them along on their uni whilst gliding it kite buggying or even coasting??? or has any one got some one to pull them along from behind a bike like water sking but gliding(the bike being the “boat” and the uni being the “skier” if you get what i mean)or even by car???i know people do power gliding being pulled by people as a way to learn.

On Jeff Lutkus’s site, www.lutkus.com , there use to be a clip of him gliding behind someone riding a bike. It was pretty nifty… see if you can find it on there under the unicycling videos.


yeh Jeff’s one is really slow though. dont know if he was going slow or was in slow motion.

I once tried gliding behind my friends dog but the dog was a little exited and started going in random directions.

if you look on the danish unicycle site on there gallery, somewhere there are some funny pictures of people gliding behind a car :slight_smile:
anyone got the link?


I’ve always wanted to try gliding while holding on to the back of a car. Unfortunately, I can’t glide yet…

I unicycle and kitesurf/kitesnowboard. I have spent many a sleepless night thinking about this. Ive even tried a skateboard and a kite but still no uni. All i could say is it’d be straight downwind on the uni. If i ever get the balls to do it, I’ll post about it.

Coincedentally, in the other wind thread…:

…the windy beach i was talking about was where i kitesurfed a lot. I just never had the uni and the kite together at the same time cause it was too much to carry on the train to get there. One or the other.

i once used my umbrella to make myself go faster, but my feet were on the pedals. and it almost took me over the side of a bridge