PowerBack in addition to flatfish or aero bars???

For those using aero bars, the flatfish or even if you’re using a standard unicycle seat you might also be interested in the PowerBack .
See the picture below. I wonder if this product would help in the saddle soreness most of us often experience. Anyway, I thought it was interesting and thought I would share. What are your thoughts? At the very least, it is an extremely expensive place to add water bottle cages. :wink:

Looks interesting. For a bike
But I think it would serve to make the already challenging ( for me anyway) mount almost impossible

I’m just not sure it would be doable especially with a substantial handlebar / aerobar set up

That being said half the things I see unicyclists do I would have thought impossible
But I’m not sure this would be very useful

I don’t think that it would be impossible to mount or dismount, but it would be a learning curve at the very least. The PowerBack could be lowered to help in this area.

The issues I have while using the flatfish are I tend to slip a little forward. With my ‘sit bones’ sliding off the wide part at the back and instead straddling the ‘waist’ of the saddle
I am playing around with angles of seat and handle bar position to minimize this, but with te flatness of this saddle in my experience the tendency to move forwards is there

A device to apply pressure or support you from behind is in my opinion not needed or helpful

Add to this the increased difficulty mounting, I think it’s a non starter

By all means try it, but on the set up you’ve suggested, I don’t think it will work

All good points!

It won’t help because we don’t push backwards, we slide forwards.

That’s because the lack of an upturned nose is no longer there to hold you back. You are now sitting where you should sit, so try padding out the waist of the seat so it is more cormfortable.

I wrote more about this in the flatfish and ghetto flat seat threads.

Not to mention that since it doesn’t have an angle adjustment on the post attachment, it won’t work on a uni since bike posts are angled and uni posts are (relatively) vertical when riding. It’s the same reason that most post-mounted bike racks don’t work on a uni either.

Forget the angle adjustment- I can’t see how it would work on a bike, let alone a uni.

A solution in search of a problem?

All I can think of is falling off an landing on it. Ouch! :astonished:

or getting it caught on your shirt during a upd

Spandex. (But don’t tell Nurse Ben.)

Au contrare, I believe the Powerback to be a purrrfect fit with spandex :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I can’t even see it being useful for biking, but then I always rode on Brooks saddles, so what could I know…

I’ve got a ridiculous looking time trial bike, and even I can’t see that being of any use even on a bike.