Powderhorn 24 2013

Hey everybody, registration for the Powderhorn 24 in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) just opened. It’s a 24 hour Alleycat race around the city with open traffic and lots of fun. Currently we have 2 solo uni’s, 1 solo part time uni, and a team of 5 registered. It’d be pretty awesome to have more folks come out for it. If you’d like to come out and don’t have a team yet, let me know! I’ll try to figure it out. If you have a team or want to solo, register yourselves and get on out here!

The basics:
15 bucks a head
August 9th 7pm - August 10th 7pm
If you let me/us know ahead of time and we can probably find couches to crash on for out of towners.

Slightly more info at: Powderhorn24.com

My writeup of last year: Powderhorn 24 2012 Race report

That’s $15 for a sweet t-shirt, food, hanging with unicyclists, and an all-around good time!

Last year’s edition was one of my favorite races- EVER!

Unfortunately work (the paying job) and a unicycling event at the end of this July don’t bode well for attending this year.


I will actually be in MN at this time and it sounds like too much fun to pass up. Hmm solo or team that is the question… Who are the solo riders so far? I won’t have my 36" so would need to borrow one or use my 26" schlumpf. For those that have ridden it, what setup would be best?

It’s through south minneapolis, so basically all flat. Last year most rode 36’s with 100-140 cranks, whatever you’re comfortable on for long road rides. Scott rode with geared 36 and I’m sure is intending to this year as well. Scott and Dan Hansen are both soloing, and I’m mostly soloing on my bike.

What does mostly soloing mean?

And as far as the course goes is there lots of stopping and lights and stuff? Like on one lap would you have to dismount or idle at all? Or could you do a lap without stopping?

I rode the course on Scott’s ungeared 36 with 100s and no brake. I would have liked a brake for emergency purposes (there was that lady that was almost gone with the Schwinn due to her erratic and unpredictable riding), but other than that I thought the uni was great for the course.

Being an urban course, you may or may not have to dismount. If you can time lights (as it sometimes happened), life is awesome. Sometimes I looked for a sign pole to hang on to when the traffic gods did not smile at me. Sometimes I turned right and went a block over since there are only checkpoints and not a mandatory route to ride.

Occasionally on the course I’d try to stillstand with hop corrections. I’ve never idled a 36 with 100s.

I loved the team of 3-4 we had last year (Dan had to cut out for a few hours in the morning and afternoon). It allowed enough time to recover between laps and we even got an hour or so of sleep. It was like Ride the Lobster pulls with traffic.

Urban 24 hour events are awesome. Unfortunately I do have to be here the morning of the 13th. Otherwise I’d love to be on your team.

Jamey, I would suggest team for you unless you really are feeling up for a solo 24 hour race in the city. Attached is a picture of the course (just the rectangle part), so as you can see, you have to cross a few major streets that you will probably have to stop at (like Lake st.).

You could probably borrow Ben Koehler’s KH36 since he cannot make it. Just bring your own seat post :slight_smile:

It means I’ll mostly be on my bike.

And on a magic carpet for the other bit. Either that or a unicorn.

Also, I had to dismount about 5 times last year over the 13 or so laps I did, so remounting frequently isn’t a huge concern. Most of the major intersections have street signs to hang onto when needed.

Shoot me an email if you’re thinking about being on a team and we can figure it out.

Dave, maybe I could modify the house unicycle to be a unicorn?