If you could have a frame powdercoated any one color, what would it be?

Orange!!!:wink: :wink: :wink:

I might do my DX frame orange.

Get the cranks done yellow.

orange and yellow, that’ll look sweet!

I’m thinking of getting my MUni frame painted yellow and my pedals green to match my green KH freeride saddle. SPSU colors are Yellow & Green, school pride.

I am getting an orange KH20 frame from Bedford. Orange is the best color ever.

Fluorescent green is heaps better!

I hope you post some nice pictures of it, when you get it.


Black on a KH20 looks sweet, thats what I’m going to do when my DX breaks.


I agree with Spencer, Orange is my favorite color.

That’s right. Black!!


Probably fluorescent yellow, or a custom paint job.

fluorescent brown

When most of you say orange, do you mean regular gloss orange or a metallic orange? I’ve been thinking about a metallic color myself. Or even having an almost pearled effect. That might cost a good bit extra though for the pearl finish.

Metallic orange could be nice but that paint could be cool(or should I say hot).


My next uni will likely be blue.


Not so much the motorcycle in the picture, but the color it is painted is a color I think would look great on a Uni


Orange and green matte finish

Black, but my uni’s are already a glossy black and i like them that way…