hey guys, in the near future im gonna get a KH flatland rim but i want it to be pink =D
i have no idea where i would go to get this powdercoated.
anyone with any experience know what kinds of places do this?

A quick google search yielded http://boneheadperformance.com/powder-coating/ (in the Philly area). A place to start at least.

If you’re buying the rim from UDC, you could talk to them about getting it powder coated, I think they’ve done it before.

^^^ Ding, ding, ding. Get UDC to powder coat the rim, it’ll be a whole lot easier and probably cheaper. It takes a few weeks extra, so order before you need it.

ok, ill see if unicycle.com will thanks guys

i made a copy, paste, and stitch of what it will look like. tell me what you think =]

they said they would paint it, thanks guys