powdercoating question.

hi, I was thinking of getting my giraffe frame p. coated white, and i thought while im at it I would go ahead and get my kh frame( which is amazingly dinged up, most of the paint is gone) and my rime p. coated white as well. I was wondering if it is possible to p. coat aluminum. I know a few people on the forum have white unis and they look awesome. I was wondering how the paint has been holding up. Im still not sure if I want 2 do it though.


ps. I might also get them dome hot pink, but im leaning towards white.

Yes, Aluminum can be powder coated. P coating works on a -/+ method where the frame is - charged and the powder that is sprayed on it is + charged (or vs. versa) it clings to it and then is baked on. So almost anything that can conduct electricity can be powder coated. (I wish that plastic handles and bumpers were).

There are a number of threads that discuss p coating, so try a search. I think there is even one from a guy who did his own (lime color) using an old oven to bake.

Was told by people who know, that powder coating has far superior chip and scratch resistance than paint.

Attached photo is my daughter’s p. coated 20" freestyle. Though not Hot Pink 'tis definitely pink. Note the dust caps on the cranks, they are Aluminum.

Have been real happy with results so far (4 months). But, keep in mind the uni is only used inside in a gym. The only real contact that the frame would have is in unplanned ‘crashes’ with other uni-riders such as practicing multiple rider routines (happens almost daily). As she is an advanced rider (15+ hrs. a week practice) her feet are on the crown of the frame about as much as on her pedals, and have noticed that the paint is beginning to wear at the corners of the crown. Not chipped, but wearing/rubbed off. Would probably happen with regular paint too. Overall, no chips, few scratches that you have to look closely for (graphics are taking a beating more than the finish) but do not have any idea how it would hold up on Muni or street i.e. concrete, rocks, etc.

wow that looks really good. thanks for the help. I was wondering if anyone actually does have a hot pink uni. I don’t think ive seen one before. Ive notice that hot pink and black go together really well though.


Jess has a hot pink trials uni, I don’t know if he still has it… He was at Moab though.

who? I didn’t see it. can u post a link if he has pictures?

I didn’t see it at moab either, I didn’t see him on anything other than his muni, I will try to find a pic.

ok thanks.

Here (I am pretty sure that is Jess’s)
One of him riding it at unicon

that looks really good. I was thinking of a bit brighter shade, but it gives an idea of wat it might look light. thanks