Powdercoating Awesomeness on GB4

Words cannot describe how cool this finish is.


cranks too

one more

Re: Powdercoating Awesomeness on GB4

That is great, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty who will try. I’ll go first. “very nice indeed”!

That looks really clean, but how much do you think it would cost? Seems like it would be fairly more than a single color.

WOW… what color is it?? Looks like a mix of black and silver.


It was $55 for the frame and cranks. Quite a bargain I thought. This guy will sand blast and powdercoat anything from truck frames to…well…unicycle frames. He’s known locally to do a quality job. I’ll be using him again.

I dropped it off at lunchtime and picked it up the next day at lunchtime.

Yes, black and silver.

isnt that industrial appliance paint? its looks good, to bad you got a wal-mart seat on it though.

Very nice hammer coat finish. :slight_smile:

Is that a 29er with a WTB nanoraptor?

Please post a pic of the whole uni.

It is an actual Powdercoat

“It is an actual Powdercoat”

Yes and it’s a beauty…me like!

Even tough it is a powder-coat, the term “Hammer-finish” (or hammer coat), refers to the rough or textured appearance.

Awesome powdercoat job!

pdc, how well does the Odyssey seatpost clamp work?

sweet pedals!..:smiley:

You see the bright side of everything. It’s what I had laying around. I’m not done yet.

Seat post clamp is great, very strong as it has a nut instead of threaded aluminum.