Powdercoating a uni

I have had my KH 20 for three years and the frame is sooooo scratched (only half is blue lol). I was hoping someone could tell me how to powercoat a uni frame. It would just look sick! If I am unable to do it myself, is there anywhere that can do this?? :roll_eyes:

      Thanks for the tips

well unless you have a powder coating booth thing, which i doubt, you will have to send it to a specialist. if you look in the phone book youre bound to find a company close by.
Your frame will need to be stripped completly too. They will probably be able to strip your frame down any way, but give the company a call to find out.
It will probably be better to shop around and find the best price to powder coat it, because it may be quite expencive, but it deffinetly gives a better coat than paint.

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you may well be able to find a company who does large batches, who will throw your uni in with one for cheap. This may rather limit what choice of colour you get though

i didn’t have them throw mine in a batch and it cost me $80

look at the kh08 - shameless thread, rodger did it from unicycle.com and he rocks!

I had my 26" muni frame done by a local place a couple of years ago. Cost me £18 for the frame and bearing caps done in any colour they had in stock (I picked purple), including sand blasting to roughen up the old chrome. They were doing a big batch of white fence panels at the time so I could have had it a bit cheaper if I’d gone for white (possibly as low as £10).

It’s certainly way more expensive than normal paint, but it’s lasting very well, with only a couple of chips and no rust (and it’s very rocky and wet where I am).

You should be able to find your nearest powder coater in the Yellow Pages (or whatever the American equivalent telephone directory is) or on the web.

Doing it yourself is possible - you can buy all the kit needed, but you need an oven to bake it in (there’s a good chance of making a mess if you use your kitchen oven) and it works out expensive unless you’re going to do a few items. Somebody had a thread on here some time ago about DIY powder coating using an old oven he bought. The results were good from what I remember, but I don’t think it was cheap. Probably worth a search.
EDIT: Found it (there’s a link to his DIY pwdercoating guide as well)


I really wanna powder coat my kh20 (07) but again i dont know how to remove to the hub or rim to powercoat it or how the seat post works etc. How does the kris holm signature stay intact anyway? It would be so awesome having a Gold rim, Red frame and orange seat post :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are going to powder coat the rim you will have to take apart the wheel and rebuild it again and i doubt you would want to do that as it takes tools and knowledge. You can get your LBS to do it but it would cost you a lot of money.

Now what I’ve been wondering is it possible to bake on the powder coating using something such as a heat gun rather than an oven? since i don’t have a spare oven and i doubt most people do.