Powdercoat assitance...

I want to powdercoat my coker frame, or to do something to it to get that effect. Does anyone know what i can use to acheive this effect?

Sorry i cant help you, but I’m sure Darren would be glad to help you out. He is the master of powdercoating i belive.

-Sabin Arditty

Re: Powdercoat assitance…

You can buy some home powdercoating kits for around 150 bucks.

I found one HERE for a little less than that, that only requires you to have an air compressor.

If you don’t want to cough up that kind of dough, you could just sand down and primer your frame and then spray paint and finish it for about 20 bucks.

Re: Powdercoat assitance…

There are companies that specialize in powder coating. Googling “Fort
Collins powder coat” brought up three companies under “local listings”
near me.


I discovered a powder coating shop 5 minutes from my house. You probably have one local to you too.

This may seem a bit archaic, but carefully, slowly, walk away from the keyboard, and ask you mom where the “Yellow Pages” is located (old fashioned version of google). After she finds it hidden behind the cookbooks, blow off the dust and look up “Powder Coating.”

ps… although old books often have yellowish pages, this book actually came that way.

You’re welcome.

Or you could go to http://local.google.com/ type in “podwer coating” and enter your zip code. The results will b similar to the what you find in that book with yellow pages, and you get maps to the places it finds too.

catboy-how to you cure the sstuff you powder coat? put it in the oven? i don’t think a coker frame would fit in an over. Best bet is you find an automotive paint place or similar(using yellow pages/local.google) and see what they’ll charge. If you aren’t super picky about the color you can get it done really cheaply with whatever else they’re doing that day.