Powder MUni -chicks style

What a morning we had in Aspen. This is Lily rippin down the ski run! Can you say go girl.


That is just an awesome photo Mike. I’m grinnin’ ear to ear just thinking about how much fun that must have been.

Way to teach your children…


Oh yeah! GO GIRL!


Man that looks like a lot of fun.

Gotta try it one day.

That’s a great photo! Has she tried a 24" wheel?


That’s awsome! Although I think it would be more fun on a bike cos you could get way more speed then crash in the snow…then become paralised…

Doesn’t the cold damage the metal?

The cold doesn’t hurt, it might thicken your grease, but beyond that…

Besides, that isn’t cold, most likely near the freezing point.

That is a ton of fun! How long has she been riding?

that looks like so much fun!!

is there some hemet bounce going on or somthing? the goggles look a little high.

Man, that’s awesome… why don’t more girls uni?

Way to go!

Thanks, yea she has ridden a 24". She has grown quite a bit this winter, so the 24" is definetly her size now.

As you know, experiences like this one are the greatest when accomplished with your kids, and yes I was grinnin’ as well. She had been bugging me to take her down the ski hill, but it kept snowing. This was our last chance, closing day, so we went for it, powder and all. Turns out the powder made it epic!

She had the goggles attached to the helmet, but never over her eyes. Good observation.

I think it is because the big emphasis these days in uni is trials. If more people pushed uni just to “ride”, and get out, stay in shape, and enjoy the outdoors, you might see more girls doing it.

Thanks to all else who replied with the kind words, the pic is just too good not to share. I will share one more, not as good, but it is father and daugther together. Cheers

Depends, if the temperature drops below the fracture toughness transition temperature it becomes quite easy to break metal, the transition temperature varies greatly from one material to another but I have certainly tested steels where it is around only - 5.5 C. With more normal steels used in production i think it’s a fair bit lower though, nothing to worry about with a uni. In the second world war the “Liberty Ships” produced by the US famously would crack in half in the night due to a high transition temperature due to the amount of sodium (i think) that was present in the low grade steel used. (and also the welded rather than riveted construction, but that’s another story)

Actually, Mike, that second photo is even better in many ways. Truly a standout shot in my opinion!


that second pic should win some sort of prize i love it

I have to agree. That second pic is quite nice.

definitely. Submit it it OWW and the local paper.

I second that… on the second pic!

all you damn rich aspen people… I am so jealous. lol =P

rich in life not money lol
btw, im the powder hog:)