powder coating

how much is the average price for this, like the frame rim , pretty much everything, the whole uni

i don’t know i was wondering this myself earlier

Call your local powder coaters. You should be able to find them in the yellowpages.

Bedford charges 30 for a black frame and 45 for a coloured frame, just to give you a basic look at things.

If you do a search you can find a tutorial on how to powder coat yourself.

ya but then ide have to buy all the stuff to do it myself, sounds pricey

It is definatly going to be pricey. The only reason I got mine powdercoated was because my brother is friends with a guy that owns a powdercoating company and I worked for them for a day to pay it off.

hmm, i know someone whos dad owns a cutom choppers place, so i can probably get him to do it for cheep, or possibly free. its good to have connections

if you’re not too picky about what color you get, it can be pretty cheap at a place that does larger motorcycle or automotive parts. if you just say “red” and any shade will do, they can probably get you in while doing a larger order.

More protective than any sunscreen, and stylish as well! :smiley:

i just got mine done for free, sexy white unicycle

to reviver an old thread, mine is being done tommorow, i went to the engineering place around the corner and asked for a quote, they said if i stick it in with something else it’ll be a tenner - (obviously because a fresh colour would mean starting the machine again) they told me there doing a pink tommorrow, so i unicycled home, and took just the frame about half an hour later, they guy says he’ll do it tommorow, and ring when it’s done :smiley:

This has been my experience with small part from motorcycles. If you are doing a common color they run it with some larger order. Most of the parts I had done black cost me $20-40 bucks. The guy just eyeballs the parts and gives me a number.

A local place here did my frame and cranks for $35

I had a 26" muni frame done at a local place a few years ago for about £15 (probably about US$20 at the moment), including blasting to roughen up the chrome first. They would have done it even more cheaply if I’d had it done black or white because they would have just put it in with a batch of other stuff. Some people seem to charge way over the top for powder coating (I’ve seen people quoting £45 or £50 for a uni frame).

If you’ve got an industrial powder coater near you, just ask them what they’d charge.

It’s much cheaper to use normal paint, but powder coat is definitely more durable. The frame I had done only picked up a few chips in nearly four years of riding - and it got dropped on rocky trails quite a bit.


EDIT: Just realised it’s an old thread, and liddlepeter did exactly what I suggested. I’ll wake up soon :roll_eyes:

behold… Mr.Pink…
… wadda ya think?

how do i put the pictures directly on?

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Looking good. But did they powder coat the nuts and bolts too?

And I see you’ve stopped using the lizardskins now :slight_smile:


Is that a Nimbus II frame?

I bet it’s a Koxx-one Devil since it has a try-all seat in it (27.2mm).

Nimbus frames are 25.4.

it was a white widow, they did the bolts by accident but theres still enough thread, this was just after i put it back togather, iv’e put the lizard skins back on, there just cut down enough to stop the rubbig on the rim.