powder coating question

Hey everyone,
I bought a gb4 Coker frame second hand. I believe it was powder coated when I bought it but I don’t really like the color. Blue, if you wanted to know. I was wondering if you can powder coat on top of a pre-existing powder coat to get another color. Thanks.


Just be careful to not to go to deep into the frame where the cranks are put. It may corrode it. If it was me, i would consult a professional b4 trying. Oh and welcome to unicyclist.com my friend. If you need any help feel free to ask me or anyone else on this forum.

Take care

You need a good surface to powder coat on to so it adheres properly, getting the frame shotblasted back to bare metal and then getting it powder coated would be a better bet. Most powder shops offer this service as most of the stuff they do would need to be shotblast immeadiately prior to powder coating.

yeah, it needs to be completely sandblasted, and most places that do powercoat should sandblast it for you for a few extra dollars

You know of anywhere in the UK that offers this service I can’t find anywhere up north thats does this and would love to get my Uni pimped up in a fresh colour.

theres loads of places that do it.
i didnt know any where i lived and looked in the yellow pages…i found quite a few.
so i suggest just looking in the yellow pages and then just ring up first to cheak prices of them all.
most places will over exagerate the price as they dont really know what a uni frame size is so think its similar to a bike.