Powder coating kh hub

Yo yo yo, my friend is powercoating my kh hub for me but when i had inquired about powder coating kh hubs from darren (bedford) he said it was pricey because he had to put “heat protective silocone” on the splines. Is this needed?

I don’t know alot about how hot it has to be to power coat… but you can get heat proof silicon from most cooking stores

I don’t think its that bad, when I had my hub powdercoated they used what looked like a crapload of masking tape. I think you just need to find a kind of masking tape or alike that has high heat restistant properties. The only problem I had with this method is that getting the tape off was a pain because the glue had gotten really gooy.

So your not quitting?


whats the point of covering the splines? i wouldnt think 500 degrees is enough to change the properties of steel. Plus, the rest of the hub is made of the same stuff so i would think that would need to be covered as well.

The splines would be out of spec with powdercoating on them.

but then he could just get koxx cranks! :wink: :smiley:

Evan, look up normalizing and tempering of steels. Personally, i don’t heat any steel precision machined surface beyond 300 degrees farenheight without protecting the surface, unless finish is irrelevant.

The steel will oxidize (rust) faster than it does at room temperature. I would imagine the protection is to repel the powdercoating and keep the steel from oxidizing. If Darren says it, I would trust him, since he knows plenty about the subject.

He better not because I just bought him a hub…

I know that, i was intending to mask them anyway. I just dont get the whole heat protective silcone thing.

use fiberglass masking tape.

Yeah on mine the surface did oxidize a bit, when it was all said and done the splines seemed a bit more gritty and less polished than when it was new. I havn’t had any problems with it though.

so true