Powder Coating Cost

What is a resonable price of having your uni powder coated a single color?

I got my new 24 inch KH frame, both bearing holders, and all 4 pieces of the brake holders (I hope to someday put on a magura brake) powder coated for $45 dollars. Had I not got the brake holders done it would have only cost $35. Pretty good deal to first get the factory blue media blasted off, and then put on 3 coats. The purple coat, the flake coat, and the clear coat. Cooked between each coat. I plan to get all my future frames coated here as well, maybe even a old one or two.

By using powders and flake that they had left over from other bigger jobs, I was able to get the low price. If I special ordered the color I REALLY wanted, It would have probably doble the price, maybe more.

I recommend going in person with the frame, not calling… They are used to big car parts, so a small frame doesn’t take them much time/resourses at all compaitive to their usually jobs.

Everything Ed said is what I found to be true when I had my Summit blasted and coated. If you use a color they have left over, your basicly paying for their time. If it is a single coat color you can get it for as little as $25. I paid a little more for 2 coats. One was silver and the other red. This gave a "Candy Apple red effect.

Where did you guys go to get yours done. Was it just a regular autobody shop, or some place different. I looking to get my uni powder coated and was wondering where to take it.

I went to a local powder coating shop. That’s all they do. I actually found them online, but they are less than 2 miles from my house.

Just look up “Powder Coating” in the phone book.

I found mine by driving around the industrial area by the airport a few years ago kept it in mind, knowing that someday it would be helpful… I was right. A powder coat shop only does powder coating. Car stuff is their bread-n-butter, but they do lots more too. crafts and sculpture, outdoor furniture and who knows what else. Anything you want inpervious to moisture, grease, air.