Powder coating a hub

I am going to be buying a Koxx One Hub and cranks from renegade and I am also going to be visiting my brother in Calgary where he is friends with the owners of a company that does powder coating.

I was wondering what I would have to do with the hub to prepare it for powder coating and generaly info on doing this.


Is that hub going on your norco? Where did you get it?

I would think you wouldn’t want it powder coated on the splines or where the bolt goes in at either end. Can you just tape those parts off? i have no idea about powder coating :thinking:

Talk to the shop-owner if he(or she) can solve the fact that you don’t want the splines coated…

And i don’t know if it should be a problem wiht the spoke-holes!

Give it a clean and a degrease then put some masking tape over the splines. That’s about it really.

well the guy should kno how to do it if hes a powder coating guy… if not maybe call darren bedford…ask him how he does it.

The spoke holes would definitely have to be masked somehow, but to do so sounds like quite a challenge! It might be easier to powdercoat the holes and drill them out afterwards, but I’m no pro… ask a pro for sure, this sounds like a very tedious task!

Nah, the spoke holes would be fine. It isn’t such a precise fit where the .002mm of powdercoat would get in the way. If you really are worried about it though, just put some cork in the holes.

However, I would press out the axle if possible and degrease everything before sandblasting it. If you can’t press out the axle, have them use the PC oriented masking tape to take the splines up.