Powder Coated 2005KH24

I got it back from the powdercoat shop yesterday. It’s really pretty. A tad darker than I anticipated, but still nice.

After media-blasting the factory blue away, it got a base coat of silver, then a translucent candy purple, then topped with silver flake. Here’s a link to the pics listed under “Purple” http://community.webshots.com/user/wolfhowlmoon

Very swick, the silver flaking loks really nice with the smooth dark purple

man, that’s really really cool. I need to get mine powdercoated…

Looks Totally awesome!! it looks like your noodles are welding on the wrong side???


Your right! The frame is not on backwards either, you can tell because the noodles are on the same side as the brake mounts.

That color scheme is very unique, how much does a job like that run?

The purple was gonna be a tad lighter, but due to the transparncy, he wanted to ensure a uniform caoting and laid it on thicker, which is fine, so it has three coats, with the 2nd coat thicker than usual, meaning it should hold up pretty well to abuse.

I got the frame, two bearing holders, and the four brake calapers all coated for $65. Now I just need to get brakes put on it. I had him use “off the shelf” powders, stuff that he had left over from previous jobs. If I had been more picky, I could of gone crazy and had him order other colors and what-not, but it would have cost an extra $50 bucks or so, for the cost of a box of specially ordered powder.

Oh and yeah, I noticed that the “noodles” were not on the correct side, but I can’t do any moves that would require their use anyway, so I like to think of it as a “Limited Edition” backward uni. Hey, that’s not so crazy. Years ago, the U.S. Postal Service printed a set of stamps with the airplane upside down and now it’s worth millions. In a few years, my backward noodle MUni will be worth at least $100,000!!! :smiley:

I’m guessing that more such “Limited Editions” will turn up. Hopefully KH and whoever you bought the uni from will see this thread, and have some influence on Quality Control.

The noodle side won’t affect my decision to have a KH29 in my future, but it sure is nice when manufacturers (or assemblers and retailers) have a defined Process that they follow Every Time.

its only worth millions if the stamp wasnt ever used and canceled…and since you removed the original paint on the KH its unlikly that it will be worth as much as the other 500 or whatever that ran though the Taiwain frame factory backwards :wink:

That is very nice. Too nice for me. If I owned that MUni, I’d cry when it got it’s first scratch. :frowning: My MUni riding style puts lots of marks on my KH frame.

Enjoy your ride!


That thing really is pretty. After I painted my Muni and put the flames on it, I went to the local art supply company and got some clear plastic laminate to cover the fork legs. My Muni has hit the ground quite a few times and still remains unscathed :wink: