powder coat

Just to let you guys know i dont know much about powder coating. My Koxx-one frame is pretty scratched up and looks terrible. i was thinking of getting it powder coated white. How much do you guys think it would cost me. or maby if there is a way of doing it myself. i remember a long time ago where someone did it with an old oven.


Get a powder coating kit, Its fairly easy to do. I have one. You need to devote an oven to it though, so no cooking in it afterwards. Also it helps a lot to have solvents for cleaning greese and stickers off, then a bead/sand blaster for old paint/chrome removal. You need the part to be clean.

Or you can just have it done by a powdercoater.

It costs me $20 to $25 and I can choose from about 100 colors.

Look in the yellow pages.

Haha why buy a kit when its $25…Thats a good deal

sweet! i was expectiong more than 25 bucks!
evan, i would probably use your idea if i was doing more than 1 part. ill look it up in the yellow pages and ill post a pic when its done


I just had a frame done and picked it up on Friday and they charged me $20 for the frame and the two bearing caps including tax. Some places charge more so don’t be suprised if it cost as much as $40. If they say it’s going to be more than that send me a PM and I can give you the contact info and you could pack it in a box and send it to them here in Colorado and they will ship it back to you for $10. I sometimes do this so I don’t have to go get it when it’s done because they are about an hour away from where I live.

Kits are nice because you can do any part, any color, any time.

I would like to be able to do my own powdercoating but the oven could be a problem I would need to have a 220 outlet put in outside the garage for an electric stove. I supose I could set up a gas oven with a portable propane tank.

How much does the powder cost? Do you have to buy a lot of it, or can you buy small amounts?

I believe it’s like $20 for a tub of powder that could do like a dozen bike frames.

Don’t quote me on that, but it is cheap.

i got an email back from a local powder coating business. he said it would cot me 80 BUCKS :astonished: to poder coat and sandblast a frame.
i replied asking him how much it would cost me to only get it coated.