Powder Coat?

Does anyone know how much powder coating a 20" uni costs?

I have new frames, either freestyle or 3", for 75.00 US powder coated in your choice of Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange.
65.00 US for black.

20", 24", 26", 28" are all the same price.

I can do yours in high gloss black for 23.00 US or 34.00 US for Red, Blue, Orange or Yellow.

You can get more info by e-mail at:
info @ bedfordunicycles.ca
or by calling me at: 416-729-9696

You can see some examples at:


I think someone already has said something about this, but why powder coat the unicycle? Does it prevent rust, make it resistent to scratches or something like that? The price is very reasonable, and it sure looks very nice. Just wondering if there’s another reason.

I sent you a PM.

There’s a local Memphis Co. that powdercoats.


Powdercoating is more durable than regular paint, and I presume it stays on better. Plus the obvious: it makes your frame a different color!

But there’s a limit to how much wear & tear you can get with powdercoat, paint, or even baked enamel. Eventually it will get scratched up. That’s why I like chrome. But paint can look really good, especially on a cycle that doesn’t necessarily get lots of abuse.

Yup, really gotta love the soft yellow on my Gazelle, 29’er - sweet.

thnx for all the replies…i wanna get my Summit powder coated blue with green pedals and rim i think it’d look awesome!

if i want to get my chrome frame powdered, do i need to get rid of the chrome first?