Powder coat color "blending"

I talked with someone at the skatepark Friday who said they could P. coat my MUni frame and do a two-color “fade” or blend. I thought that sounded cool, and would look so much better than just one plain color.

But today I talked with my regular Powder coat guy who did a few jobs for me a while back. He owns his own PC shop and has been doing this for over TWENTY years, and he told me he’s not aware of any Powder coating method/technique where you can accurately blend/fade one color to the next and have it turn out well.

So he asked me to try to get in touch with the guy(s) who said that they could do the PC blend (in my case, black fading to dark blue) and ask them “how they do it” and where they get there materials and such. So if you’re reading this and you remember meeting me at the skatepark on Friday, please PM me asap. thanks!

im no expert, but that sounds like a bunch of bull. if your guy didnt know how, it probably isnt possible

Justin Abbott said that he has done it and it worked well. Maybe you were talking him?

it is hard to get a good “fade” but you can do it

Maybe. I don’t remember his name. Him and his friend’s unis had nice PC finishes, but they were both solid colors, not “blended.”

I remember who your talking about.

One had a solid green uni with moment cranks. Another had a tiny 12" uni with a blue PC on it. They were the guys with the bent Torker TX uni.

I think 2 of them from that group use the forums, so they will probably see this soon.

the guy with the green uni is justin.
He’s my bay area pimp.

Awww, keep the camo, that owns any kind of powder coating.

I’m not an expert either, but I’ve witnessed the process myself and I do think it possible. I see no reason why not.
1st the object is being made static, such that powder will stick to the to be painted object. The powder can be thrown at it, or at big surfaces the use guns. After the powder is on it it is being baked. So if you use 2 different colors of powders of exact the same kind…?
Of course it’s some harder to aim the powder at the target, compare to a spray-brush, still I think it can be done. At least you can experimentate with it.

muni addict,
I am a friend of justin and steven (you talked to one of them about the coating). the 3 of us jointly own a powder coating unit and oven. we can do the fading powder coating for you. when I get a hold of them I will get back to you on a price (assuming you want it).
if you give me your email address I can send you a picture of the fade job we did.
If any one else wants us to powder coat stuff let me know or email me at torkerdx@yahoo.com

we are located in pleasant hill, CA

you truly are no expert. just because a guy does something like painting for 20 years doesn’t mean someone(s) young can figure out something he didn’t think of.

Solid black looked way better.

I have a powdercoat machine, and its no problem to make for example a frame with two or more colors. When I am at home from work I search on my computer for pics.


It can be done; I’ve done it myself.

Although, I like some of the new powders myself; take a look at the colors here:


The Illusions is pretty cool, or a candy color over silver or gold. The hammertone colors actually leave a “hammered” finish, not too rough and very nice. I use them for toolboxes and such. The veining colors are used a lot on paintball equipment.

Just like anything else, experimenting can lead to some great results! (and some great failures to use as learning tools).

Since when have torkers looked better than anything. Most frames are so common that any different color job is better than nothing. Stock is boring.

I agree with Tim.

Wait a sec… I powdercoated that!
Anyone who thinks that stupid sparkle black LX paint job looks good should have their head examined. No offense.