Potential riders

I was out today , dropping by the local bike shops. I like to do so now and again, just to let mbter’s that I’m around, kinda try to provoke some interest in unis. I also like to talking to the shop owners, because they almost always give me some free stuff. Anyways…I was chatting with one the mechanics at one shop, and we got onto the topic of unicycling. He said that he had seen me a few times up at the ski hill on mine, and said that he got one during the holidays (Norco 20inch). This is exciting news to me, seeing that i’m the only active uni rider in North Bay, and now, there is potential for one more rider. We shall see.

I love the feeling of getting someone to start riding and helping them learn all the way through. One of the mistakes I made was pushing a friend too fast to learn things which I feel kinda bad about :frowning:

I got a buddy into riding, sold him one of my unis. He was really entusiastic about it. 2 months later I went to his house and he hated it.