Potential OUI Dates

If OUI is happening this year (every day it looks more and more likely)

It will be Jun 12-14th.

So far I have gotten a hold of the info for renting the park, and we are planning on doing it in conjunction with West fest.

Street on Friday, Trials on Saturday, Muni on Sunday!

Its ok for me… not for Simon…

Sorry guys, I can’t afford the time to organize this. I have too much going on already this summer, and it would either be organize this or go to guelph and a couple other trips I have planned.

An event like this takes a lot of dedication and hard work, especially if it is one person. If anyone is interested in organizing it, they should start much earlier than I tried to, and trying to get a group together might help.

Bull… we should still ride that day…

Yo! we got an exam on the 12, plus it’s in the afternoon… so we cant the 12 of june. but we got to ride anyway with other people, so just a Mega-ride in the week-end would be awesome

I can’t come for a mega-ride nor a competition if it’s between June 10th and June 26th, final exams. :frowning: