Posting Video question

My question is, to post a video on this website dose it need to be already on the internet e.g. youtube? when i tried to upload one through the attach files it wouldn’t let me.

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I’ve never put a video on this website, but as far as I can tell, everyone seems to upload it to an online video service (Such as YouTube) And posts an embed link here.

testing which link works on these forums

Hmm neither apparently. Give me 2!

OK all you need to do is take your regular youtube URL and paste it in your post. The forums seem to have some auto-embedding magic :smiley:

Ignore the video, it’s just the only video I’m 100% sure I own the rights to :smiley:

To have a non uploaded video imbedded in your post you must take the full url and make sure that it starts with http not https. Past it into your post and the forum should imbed it automatically.

I don’t think you can attach a video an have it imbed, as I don’t see any video extensions listed under “Valid file extensions”