posting photos on this forum

Can somebody explain how to put photos up on this forum. Thanks

just put a response on the other thread :slight_smile:

What other thread. I don’t understand

Sorry for the confusion, i have copied and pasted it bellow, it was in the how to in bed a video thread,

to post photos when writing a reply or starting a new thread scroll down into the “Additional Options” and click “manage attachments” and then upload the photos, sometimes the photos will be to big so you will need to optimize them and make them smaller.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: ,


You should provide the pic’s URL. There’s many way to do that, one of them is to upload your pic to one of those image hosting web sites like: The site will provide you few URLs choose the one that suits forum and discussion boards, and paste it here, that’s all…

You can click the insert image icon and go by url or click the attachments.