Posting 8 MB Video

We have a new video that we want to display on but in order to display it in all of its glory… its gonna be 8 meg. It looks like other people have posted things of this size. Am I right? Because when we try to post a 6 meg version (quicktime) won’t let us? How do we fix this problem. Can we?


I guess I dont see why it would be a problem, because there are some vids over 20 megs. but the only way to know is to try it.

An 8MB file should be no problem. I uploaded a 10MB video file recently.

I used FTP to upload the file. I FTPed the file to my web site. Then in the gallery I told the gallery uploader to get the file from my web area. It was much more reliable to use FTP instead of the HTTP upload gizmo for large files.

The only problem with using FTP is that you need a place to upload the file to. I used my web space for that.

Re: Posting 8 MB Video

How soon will you post a link? I’m itching to see another uni video! :slight_smile:

i suggest using ftp, as i have also had problems trying to upload large files through the web file management system

FTP sounds good but…
My website is hosted by and is using the domain name of .unicyclist so… I’m not allowed that kind of space on my website. I don’t think freewebs would like that. SO I am going to have to find a way to post onto the galleries. Can you FTP to the galleries? I have an FTP program. What do I need to do? Can anybody guide me step by step through this?

You could ask Gilby for an area to FTP your files to. Or maybe one of the free web storage sites like Yahoo Briefcase would work.

Another option would be to try Gallery Remote
I haven’t tried using Gallery Remote so I don’t know if it would help in uploading large files or not.

unfortunately gallery remote doesnt seem to want to upload large files (mine was 15mb). you can however upload using ftp to a address. (you would have to change it to host instead of forwading for a short while) and then tell the gallery to upload it from there, under the add photos window. when gallery has got it, you can then delete it from your hosting, and change it back to forwading