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I walked into my local bike shop a couple of days ago when ‘Argh!!!’ :astonished: to my horror I see this photo of me blown up poster size on the wall. Apparently, when I was doing a MTB race earlier this year this guy took a photo of me hammering away. He blew it up and printed it on some glossy cardboard and dropped it into my local bike shop. Oh well, just in time for the 2003 MUni calender I suppose.


Here it is- I couldn’t fit it all on the scanner:


I know for a fact that I’d be terrified if I saw a huge picture of me on someone’s wall… :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

“nice legs, shame about the …”


I just got my photo in the local paper on my unicycle at a fun ride with another unicyclist. It’s a pity the photo was taken then and not in a few weeks when I’ll have my new custom 24" unicycle!

Why? Do you think it’s likely to have “Wanted, $1000 reward” at the bottom of it? Been doing someting naughty have you Phil?:stuck_out_tongue:

Kind of like what happened to my dad back in the sixties, he was in London on business and went down one of the escalators to the tube. Every single one of the posters next to the escalator was a picture of my sister (aged about 2) with some sort of slogan about abandoned children or single mothers or something. Turns out my uncle was trying his hand as a professional photographer and this was one he’d taken and sold. Shame we don’t have one of the posters.

Have fun!


That’s awsome Ken! I like the cropping- makes it read as a conventional cyclist, at first; increases the wow factor by sneaking in under radar as mundane.


That shot stands up against the best of B*cycling Magazine’s cover photos.

Great picture, Ken. But one question, what’s that picture on your shirt, I can’t quite make it out. Something unfamiliar :slight_smile:


Yeah too bad about the shirt.


What an outstanding photo, the shirt notwithstanding. Definitely worthy of a poster. It’s always nice to see positive exposure going public like this. Don’t let them put a copy of your x-ray underneath the poster. Great colors.

It’s a Siamese unicycle :slight_smile:

Re: Poster boy

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002 15:30:24 -0600, GizmoDuck
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>It’s a Siamese unicycle :slight_smile:

  • Where’s your other wheel?
  • I hate Siamese unicycles!

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