I dont know I just find it intresting. Im not the only one who starts them though.

I think for some reason people direct all their anger at one person :smiley: Glad its not me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe lucky…I just happen to be the lucky one. Just Kidding.

It’s people like you guys and others who were being mean in this thread who I hate. Especially you johnfoss, you always seem to be the first to have a big bitch when someone makes a bad thread. Don’t you have anything better to do then to abuse younger people?
Leave him alone. I know it’s a bad thread but stop bitchin’. GOSH!
Post away Isaac, it’s called a forum for a reason.

Isaac needs a time out

I like time outs. They’re yummy.

Yeah me 2.

I think he hates chocolate, I could be wrong

Just out of curiosoty, what do you find interesting?

Wow. Pretty horrible you guys.

why is everyone so harsh on me and not other people who start threads.

I think it’s because in RSU but could be wrong. And I think that the kiddie forum remark was unasked for…


The horrible remark from me wasn’t about you Isaac. Not at all. It was directed at the replies to this thread. One bad post, then everyone jumped in, and started to act all high and mighty.

If this thread was really such a problem, a “waste in the server”, then Gilby would of deleted it by now. But looky here, he hasn’t. Get used to it.

Besides, this seems perfectly fine for RSU. Talking about unicycles. That’s RSU content, isn’t it? Correct me if im wrong, but I know I am not.

Why do you need to capitilize words? Haha!:wink:

Is anyone gonna answer my questions?!?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

If not, im gonna make a new thread about it :smiley: And you guys can get mad at me for “wasting space”

So is it the seat, or the seatpost, or both?

If its the seatpost, you may need a better seattube clamp. My old uni had a crappy one, and after a wreck or some pulling on the saddle, it would move the seatpost inside the frame/tube.

If its actually the seat, it could be the bolts holding it to the seatpost. Sometimes those need to be tightened down pretty hard. Or, even though the chances of this are very small, the holes in the base, or the stiffener plate could be twisted and allow some movement of the bolts inside, instead, it should be snug, and allow no movement.

Well its been doing it ever since i got the unicycle (about 2 months) Ill try tightening down the bolts :smiley: