This is a thread of just posts unicycle related. Not like MOST REPLYS…So no trash talk.


Start Posting.


Is this whole forum not designed for unicycle related talk?
Anyways, I like to unicycle. Anyone else share my passion?

yeah im um pretty sure thats the reason for Rec.Sport.Uni to post unicycling related topics

as for the above post yeah i enjoy unicycling otherwise why would I be posting on a unicycle forum (sarcasm):smiley: :smiley:

Come on, Gilby’s servers don’t need to be clogged with this.

This whole forum is for unicycle related posts, like Beaver said (EDIT: and cool-bananas), so why make a futile attempt to confine it to a thread, or whatever you’re trying to do?

When you can’t think of a helpful post, don’t post one.

Why cant I have a thread? come on

Lol, You guys always give Isaac a hard time for his threads :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this thread is good… you can ask small questions without making a whole new thread :smiley:

My problem: My seatpost/seat is always creaking… And it wobbles around a little, And yes it is tightened enough… theres just a problem with it, does this happen to anyone else? :frowning:

because you always seem to make stupid threads, like “Where does your uni sleep” who gives a shit!!

Post when you have something relavent to post.

Lol, people make really stupid threads compared to isaacs threads :roll_eyes:

you do know that this site is only a gateway to the R.S.U news group and some people receive emails every time a new thread is created, so post these kinds of threads in JC

Last time I checked this website is called, correct me if I’m wrong

it is, but the website is a gateway to the news group Rec.Sport.Unicycling.

I liked the uni sleeping one, but just not this one

My uni sleeps in the garage.


Lol :smiley:

I think what Gilby needs to create is a “kiddie” forum for stuff like this. Young riders would have to graduate from the Kiddie Forum to write in the Big Kids Forum. Until then, they can participate in threads about how skaters suck, which trials uni is better in terms of personal opinion but not fact, why they hate their teachers, etc.

The forums are just turning into one great massive pile of bollocks!
You have to spend ages sifting through all the shit posted by little kids to find anything mildly interesting!

Why would you want to talk crap anyway. I guess you didnt realize it was called You guys are flipping out over nothing. take a chill pill you guys.

Kiddie forum? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

But yeah, is getting filled up with crap like this. You seriously need to THINK about why you are making a thread before you make it. Every time you make a thread, ask yourself, am I making this thread because I’m bored, or because I have a good reason to?

I can put up with stupid threads from time to time. But I wonder what goes through your head when you make threads like this one. Did you really think this was a good idea for a thread?