post your WINTER UNI here!

How do you gear up for winter riding?
Post pics and specs for your winter uni, especially wheel size and tire choices. Studs? Chains ( :astonished: )? Also, it would be great to know whether your winter beast is intended more for roads, trails, or ski slopes, etc.

Mine: Well, I’ve never done it before. My current options are to try to mount a studded tire I’ve got for a recumbent b!ke on my 20" Torker LX, or to try my KH29 with the Stout tire. Anyone tried studded tires on a 29er?

And no, this is not the place to discuss SoCal beach-front riding in February. :smiley:

My “Wuni” setup is my Muni exept with the Torker Frame and no brake:p but I haven’t put my Muni in it’s Wuni setup yet:)

Yes, I’ve been called a stud out on the trails. I don’t change anything, just ride the normal muni. I like the term Wuni.