Post your videos here

I know there a ton of videos on this site. If you have one please post it here.


It has 2 unicycling videos of me, one of martha stewart learning to juggle.

Catboy, how long have you been riding when you made these movies?

I have 2 videos also.

The first one was fimed quite some time ago and the second one was shot very recently when it snowed.

Oh and to answer the original question, I have been riding for 3 years.

3 videos

Waterworks Rd natural trials (2MB, 40sec)
Slaughter Falls natural trials (3MB, 50sec)
Slaughter Falls natural trials 2 (4MB, 75sec)
Natural trials at home (4MB, 60sec)
Gapping bars (1MB, 25sec)
Northshore demo at school fete (3MB, 65sec)
Dump Trials - high res (7.8MB, 1min40sec)
Dump Trials - low res (3MB, 1min40sec)
Tamborine trials demo (2MB, 1min)
Exposed roots - high res (9.5MB, 1min40sec)
Exposed roots - low res (3MB, 1min40sec)
Trials paradise location (4.3MB, 55sec)
Payne Rd and Slaughter Falls natural trials (6.8MB, 1min20sec)
Surfers Paradise demo - high res (12.8MB, 2min)
Surfers Paradise demo - low res (1.8MB, 2min)
Dog agility park trials (3.8MB, 55sec)
Ferny Hills trials 1 - high res (9.8MB, 1min20sec)
Ferny Hills trials 2 - low res (2MB, 1min20sec)
Ferny Hills trials 2 - high res (7.2MB, 1min30sec)
Ferny Hills trials 2 - low res (1.9MB, 1min30sec)
Ashgrove trials ride (6.7MB, 1min5sec)
Two rails (1.8MB, 30sec)

…more to come, possibly tomorrow. I’ve been having fun! :slight_smile:

To see picture compilations for each of these to go the “Trials Videos” album within the “New Stuff” album.


Mine one is here

we have quite a few here

here aree the thre best (in order of bestness)

you are G00d!!!

you are G00d! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

If you’re talking to me then I must reply: thanks, but I’m not nearly good enough…

I’m posting entirely too often, but I just had to say something. Owen, I’m with that other guy…you are gooooood. Very fun video…my absolute favorite thing was something that I haven’t yet seen…your high drop from out of frame, super effective. You just fly in and ride out. Keep it up, I like your energy!

With a thread like this I thought I’d add to the fray. I made my first video a year ago (if anyone remembers the one with the giant swordfish…), and have knocked together another. It’s not groundbreaking technical stuff, as I practice too little, but was made for a general public audience rather than a ‘pause it and see how many steps he jumps this time’ unicyclist audience. Quite fun though. Also has clips from a sponsored 100 mile ride I did along a canal, and some time I spent in Uganda last year.


  • Sam

i like thats video a lot its really good keep up the good work

A vid called “Stairways to Heaven”, “Rocks Roots & Rubber” filmed at the East Coast Muni Weekend this year, and various little clips and photos…
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