Post Your Unis Here!

hehe someone post their uni i want to see it…:stuck_out_tongue:

coker 36" tire
ProWheel 127mm cranks (in picture 152mm LX cranks)
old Airfoil rim
KH street saddle

20" DX:
Luna trials tire
KH street saddle
nashbar pedals
everything else is stock

Nice Photos…And Nice unicycles.

I’ll photograph my three tomorrow, so hold on:D

Ok sweet im excited to see yours…Anyone else…post yours.

Not built up yet, but you get the idea…
(Terrible photography, but meh, rushing it’s OK)

“The Ti” frame
Red DX32 rim
Profile hub
Profile 145mm cranks
Odyssey JC pedals unsealed
Maxxis CC tyre
KH Fusion street saddle
try-all reinforced post
black double clamp
marwi spokes
… I think?

Where did you get it?

Total weight?

I think Dan Heaton and Zack Baldwin road unis just like that in Defect

I believe he told me it’s the same one.

my uni’s
from left to right:
1)stock Qu-Ax, i’ve cut the seat since this pic. i plan to get KH moment hub and crankset w/ kh '07 rim soon, i also want a kh street saddle.
2) my first uni…no name brand
3) torker lx with a seat post that is way to short!

thank you

shhhhhhhh you can’t say nothing!

All stock qu-ax trials parts except…
KH fusion street seat
Jimmy C pedals

Weight: 13 lbs

I just got mine painted a few weeks back.

Frame’s one of those regular stock brandless ones,
Hub and cranks (125) are by Koxx-One
Plastic brandless pedals
Old Kris Holm saddle
Luna Tire
Alex Rim

here’s my new setup for flatland

kh frame without paint
koxx orange seat clamp
miyata seat post, miyata seat with a carbon fiber seat frame
undrilled orange koxx rim
koxx hub, koxx street cranks, lo pro mag specialized pedals
bald try all tyre


feel free to post comments :slight_smile:

– bobousse

ps : just click on photos to have it in full size

20" freestyle uni(not sure i can still classify it as a Nimbus) with interchangable trials wheelset/freestyle wheelset.

short cranks, super light, too lazy to list specs, have no picture.

That is awesome! i love it!

Thanks, so do I!

All I need to do is get new crankbolts so I can de-nub the cranks, and my crappy paint job is getting destroyed so I want to re-do that with a blue-ish grey colour. Then it will be perfect

my unicycle family…

Me liking the 2nd and 4th unicycles and can’t wait to see what you do to the coker considering you have nearly smashed my coker speed record. :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry about the picture quality, it’s raining and it’s cloudy outside, so I had to do it inside, and the batteries were almost dead, so I had to do a quickie.

1.) QU-AX Cross 20":

everything is “stock” except the Orange Bud Saddle, 8-ball valve cap, yellow flames, and the quick release clamp from standard 24".

2.) QU-AX Standard 24":

everything “stock” except the seat from my 36", blue valve cap, green Halo tire, new plastic pedals and a K! sticker:D

3.) QU-AX 36":

everything “stock” except the Cross saddle and the flames valve cap

Overall, I love them:)