post your unique frames and paintjobs

ok , i want you to post a pic of your unique frame and paint job, and if you dont have a unique frame, post your cool paintjob. and if you dont have a cool paint job, post your cool frame! ill post mine when my dad isnt being lazy.

the only unique thing about this costom is that it has tapered legs on the fork/frame/whatever.

oops alittle big, but you can still tell

Here’s a smaller version:

I personally am a huge fan of Joes frame colour. It’s just so awesome… That’s the colour I’d pick if I wanted my frame powder coated. Then maybe a tiny bit darker than Dan Heaton’s greeny would be my favourite. And then yellow would come in after that. I would have liked orange but it’s the kh standard colour, so that’s not fun is it? But yeah… I’m pretty into the colour green right now… it’s really awesome.

Thanks Robbie.

Here is my Trials:

And my Muni:

(now with computer!:p)

I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours…


i want my signature model to have a camo print powder coat on it

so some day… some day

not that i will ever get a signature model out, there is nothing to gain by it. plus we dont skateboard…

but still camo print would be sweet

acyally i was thinking the same thing for my next one. which will be a trials. and have a flat top coat. this is the link to the place im getting them powdercoated, check out the gallery. most of what people want is the same (flames) but they can do some even more amazing things

There are pics of my custom trials uni and custom MUni in my photo gallery. There’s also a pic of my homemade impossible wheel.

I need to cut the brake hose! (so far it’s just been wrapped and tucked out of the way)

Here is my firebomb-diggity, Wilder w/ Profile and Fireball.


Me Frame

Well, not as impressive as some of them nice painted ones, but it’s mine :wink: I got a Nimbus 24", so naturally I put a Harry Potter sticker on it… right above the fork.

And close-up…

Close up and blurry :wink:

I’m liking the Harry Potter sticker!

As for flames, I think Tmornstar wins, hands down!
Awesome! Are they just stickers?


Granted…flame stickers are cool.

Now, part of that coolness is simply another colour, not the flames themselves.

I think the general uni population will soon be growing tired of flames, no?

What’s next?

Electricity bolts in colour? That’d be pretty awesome!

On a sidenote, I am currently assembling my bro’s uni w/KH cranks…it’s going to be entirely black…all the pieces look pretty cool, I’ll post a pic when I am done.

Sofa - Cool!
IN answer to your question, ‘will we get bored of flames?’, well, yeah - eventually! They look so cool, they will only become uncool when too many people have them - as in every other uni.
For now though, they are cool!

With more developments in paint techniques, I think lightening bolts could be the future. We will see!


i like my boring shiny silver frame, thanks. dubmuni’s is awesome if you see it first person,though. me likee. I wish we could get some cool stickers by uni manufacturers though.

The way I see it, we will eventually have our frames with paint jobs like bikes have. Where the colour changes halfway through and has the model name on it. Like GT Avalanche 3.0 as I believe is on a bike at my school.

I will include three of my frames. The paint jobs on two of them are trashed due to UPDs.

The first is a Lyte Rider/Wilder fork with modifications for Magura HS33 brakes. I went for purple because I felt it would stand out even among other unicycles. It’s lighter than I had envisioned it, but what the heck, it still stands out. The brake booster will remain natural and the brake caliper housings stay the natural aluminum color, just to tie it in with the seat post and cranks. Dirty clear plastic tubing protects the brake line. Braided steel lines will replace this.
This is the only frame of 30 like it, however, Scott Wallis will soon be modifying his own in the same manner, but paint it a different color. The black electrical tape is a “bandaid” to mount the computer bracket onto the seat post. I lost the screw. Try to find another one of those…

Technical images and descriptions HERE

My second frame was built over two years ago when you couldn’t buy the KH frame with brake mounts. The legs and crown are made with ovalized aerodynamic (teardrop) steel tubing. The tubing is the reverse of the way it would be oriented on a bike. The fat part of the tubing is in the back to accommodate the brackets for the brake mounts. You can see the ovalized tubing

My third frame is my newest acquisition. This trials uni, was “created” by Dan Wilson(tellurider) from an older MTB chromoly bicycle fork. The bottom of the forks and dropouts were cut off and then standard bearing holders were brazed on nicely. The fork looks as if it was compressed on the inside to accommodate the Monty tire. You should be able to see the compressed legs at the tire sidewall on each side. Total Tuni weight is 12 lbs 9 oz. with Profile hub.

I have one set of black flame decals and I may just end up putting one of each on one fork leg from my purple beasty and one on the Frankenstein Tuni. If people can wear earings on one ear, why can’t I put a flame sticker only on one fork leg. You never see both sides of the Uni at the same time anyway.

I have seen cool combination unis out there. Like those that have painted rims that match the frame or contrast with bight colors too.

It’s nothing fancy, but here’s a picture of my homemade MUni. The crown is from an old suspension fork. The fork legs are cromoly tubing which I cut from an old bike frame and then welded the bearing holders at the bottom. The best part about this this setup is that if something gets out of alignment, just simply loosen the clamp at the top of the legs and raise or lower the leg to straighten things out. I also left the legs long enough to accomodate a 29" wheel