post your unicycling dreams

Had a dream last night that there was an article about me in the Kansas City Star.

I’ve also had dreams about tricks I really want to master.

I dreamed that unicycling had become a HUGELY popular sport, passtime and common mode of transportation! “Uni-parks” (the skatepark equivalent) were sprouting up as fast as Startbucks! People of all ages, shapes and sizes were riding them EVERYWHERE! Communting to work, on every street and sidewalk…On the freeways! No more cars or even motorcycles…Just unicycles-EVERYWHERE! And instead of being happy, I felt sad that our unique sport had now become “commonplace”, commercialized, corporatized, and had lost it’s “special-ness.” When I awoke and realized it was only a dream, I felt a great sense of relief that I wouldn’t have to now find something new to take the place of uni-ing!:smiley:

I had one and it felt like I could jum like 20 feet high it was cool

That’s interesting. That would kind of suck if unicycling became like skateboarding, where everybody thought they were Tony Hawk, udc would go out of business, and this forum would be inudated by 14 year old thugs who would swear and flame each other.

btw when I say 14 year old thugs I don’t mean all kids around that age. Just the thugs

i had this dream where i had my unicycle and i went to a school that didn’t look like mine but i knew it was and people were jumping all over it. like up the walls and stuff. and there was someone on a two-wheeled unicycle (you know, stacked up) and someone on like a monster truck wheel sized uni, only about twice as big. it was weird.

I had a dream where I got a new Coker and I has riding it so fast I started flying, then my Coker fell to pieces and I woke up on my floor with blankets strewn around the room.

I have lots of dreams about uniing…My fave one is probly the one where im riding Trials with the man himself, Kris Holm. And the great part is, is that its a dream that can realistically come true!

I had a dream that i tought my goat how to ride a unicycle. It wasn’t long before she got really extreme and Darren Bedford made her a hardcore muni with 4 pedels and cranks. Then she got on the Kris Holm Factory Team and then Nathan Hoover asked her to be in a mountain unicycling movie.

i had a dream that i got a kris holm guni and i was going raely fast and i could glide realy well

Re: post your unicycling dreams

In 2003, Andrew Carter started a “Gallery of unicycling dreams” in JC,
see Gallery of unicycling dreams... . It has
well over a hundred posts!

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“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”

am a lucid dreamer

I had a dream I was jumping objects 3 feet high.:smiley:

In my dream I realized that I must be dreaming. :frowning:


I become the owner of a soon to be invented geared 29" KH, which magically allows me to ride at speeds to beat the train in the Iron Horse Bicycling Classic from Durango to Silverton. Somewhere in there, a miracle happens and I get really strong legs and lungs that don’t notice 11,000 ft of altitude. :roll_eyes: