Post your photoshopped piccys

I like that one Joe, :stuck_out_tongue: , although I wonder what Tony is going to think…going round and round and round like that. Especially if you morphed him into a wheel.

Andrew- I don’t actually have Photoshop- just a cheap programme that came with the computer that does some of the same things- it’s ArcSoft Photostudio 2000. Anyway, there is a function that allows you to convert a picture directly into a sketch. It seems to work out pretty well when there are nice sharp contrasting features.


PaintShop pics are cool.

Here is one of mine…


Thanks Ken. I don’t have PhotoShop either. I used CorelDRAW for that one, but I often also Use ArcSoft PhotoStudio (mine is version 5). I’ll have a look into it.


No luck finding this ‘sketch’ thingy on my version 5 of PhotoStudio unfortunately. I did have a play around with emboss though. I’m going to use this pic (see below) and remove the background so I can have it as a layer over the top of something…not sure what though.



Did you try looking under “fine art” on the effects menu?

Unfortunately it’s not there in my version. I’m having fun tonight…I threw the embossed one over the original. :slight_smile: Looks very odd.


:smiley: very funky indeed.

Your original embossed version would look good on a certificate or a medal or suchlike.

Some more fun with Photostudio and CorelDRAW…

image editing - tightrope.jpg

…or as a unicycling letterhead sort of thing once converted to white. :slight_smile:


What are you riding on here?

I don’t understand the question. My muni? The tightrope from the original picture?


heres my photoshop image.

i just feel the need to show someone…

not very unicyley but photoshopped

I’m going to make Tshirts with this one someday …

… my avatars are mine also …

This is my first photoshopped uni pic. I “bought” it a couple of days ago so I´m not really very good with the program.

I have just made the lighting better on this pic.

i made another. Jippi kay ey

swedish match (4) copy.jpg

This one’s not photoshopped. but notice the UFO overhead :smiley:

A little something I made in 4 minutes. (i really don’t have an afro or a pink summit)


lets try that again:

I did this quick job in “ArcSoft Photo Studio” to give myself an idea of what my future upgraded muni colour scheme would look like. I love the colours. Pedals will be Odyssey Jim Clielencki’s, seat will be KH Fusion, frame will be new but will look similar, plus other upgrades.