Post Your Pet Peeves!

I’ll start: My biggest unicycling pet peeve is when I go all the way to the park and 10 minutes into wheel walk practicing the seat gets so crooked I have to stop and crookedly wobble home. >.<

Is your seat loose? Tighten it. It doesn’t seem like it should loosen that easily…

It’s a torker dx and I think the seat pot clamp is messed up, but it doesn’t loosen too often.

On Topic: Bad weather + being sick = no unicycling today : (

My biggest pet peeve is…


bolts under my seat always come loose! ahhh…

Having people honk at me from there car, almost makes me fall of my uni, especially in the dark

Well I think having people throw hot drinks at you out of their car window is slightly worse… and it hit my wheel! The bastards!


My biggest pet peeve is when I post a topic that has already been made, so much for my originality.

The DX seat clamp is a pretty sturdy one. Just tighten it, then torque it 1-3 times.

My Pet Peeve is when I hear a creak on my uni and I cant find out where its coming from, and when I have too much or too little air preasure.

Probably will post more later when I can think more.

How bout getting shot at by an airsoft gun by people driving buy, hit my leg…THRID NIPPLE LICKING BASTURDS!!!

and simply broken parts…