post your NAUCC pictures/video

Post your NAUCC pics and video! There was a ton of people with cameras everywhere, so there is bounds to be a lot of good pics and stuff. We just got home, so I’ll upload everything eventually, but here’s one I just resized:

Here’s me sneaking in a ride on Brians UW36:

Here’s what I uploaded so far…


i dont think i’ll ever get that good :frowning:

any movies???

I will be posting my photos here. It may take me a few days to sort through and post 6 days worth of photos. I took 980 pictures during NAUCC.

what were the placings for the street and trials

I see you got back on after I left. COOOOOL! Did you ever ride the handmade unicycle the guy made that rode sideways?

Yeah, thats a fun machine that is. i could never get more than 2 or 3 strokes when i tried it… I need to practice more.

I did try it once, I could hardly stay on it with two people holding me up!

Yeah the UW36" was fun. I wish I could have tried it outside, because that thing could get going too fast for inside the gym. :astonished:

Um, placing… Trials:
1st place: Joel Burgess
2cnd place: Jason Allemann
3rd place: Forrest Rowell

Street comp, everyone says I won. You’ll have to wait untill the USA announces the official results.

Here’s another picture. I have no idea who’s in it though:

Here’s Jon going for the pedal grab on the highest obstacle. I think he did make it, but he didn’t officially follow the “line” right, so it didn’t count.

hey have any pictures of me?

Just this one of you crankflipping that 3 stair.

And after you fell off, and right before I fell off:

I didn’t take any myself… my dad did them all.

I took several photos of you guys downtown but I did not get any good action shots.


why are you on jons uni?

and how high was that pedal grab? it looks like he coulda goten like 8-9 pallets!

Jesse, I thought you were going to Nationals or did plans get changed


well there was a church camp that i had to go to wich i thought was on the week of naucc but after i canceled my plans i realised it wouldve worked, it was like less than a week before it so it was too late to reschedule
but next year i will be there!

That sucks but yeah next year, and I hope to make it then also, we also had other plans so we missed it, had fun anyhow. My kids and myself went up to Kathio state park and road the trails and did some muni of our own. Awesome crashes. they seem to be the best part of the pictures.

by the way my son wants to ride with you sometime, I think you met him at the extravaganza.


who is he


I have the zigzag 20"

ohh k i know who you are but i cant picture your kid

(wow we jacked this thread!:))