Post Your MUni here!

As promised, here comes KH jr:

KH24 from 2007
Everything stock except
-TryAll regular seat post
-some single bolt clamp
-BBB bell
-KH brake mount
-magura HS33
-KH spooner (I really recommend this one for long and/or steep downhills)
-Nokian Gazzaloddi 24x3
-KH moment 125/150 cranks (I usually have the 137 on though)
And as you can see I stripped the frame on this one too.

Last pic shows the two brothers together.

cool uni. that trail does look like fun :smiley:

Cool as I really want a guni but to poor.

Your both Muni are awsome! Just wondering, how fun is the 26" Guni in high gear mode in Muni? I should be very cool, and very fast!:slight_smile:

The 26 in high gear is great fun and fast! When going downhill without a brake it feels kind of strange in high gear though. When it’s steepish, that is. You need a lot of braking power in your legs. And uphills in high gear can get quite exausting at times, but then it’s so cool to be able to shift down by the flick of a button:). I love it, only need the brakes installed now for some longer downhill stuff. And then I guess I can just cruise in high gear downhill with the brakes. Should be great!

Munirocks, I really love your guni. Having a 26inch schlumpf is pretty much like having the best all around uni. The stripped frames look awesome too. I’m definitely doing that to my muni soon.

Andy yes that trail in my pic is insane. In that pic there’s a 15+ foot cliff of the side of that little bridge. I’ll post more pics of that trail later.

There are already some photos of my muni in the custom nimbus’s thread;Custom Nimbus's
But just to whet your appetite here’s a sneak preview;


Oh, and Unicycler100, if you like the frame on PDCs muni, check out the Custom Blizzards thread for more photos; Custom Blizzards

cool thanks STM.

cool uni is well, gotta love the dirt :smiley:

Hey, thanks! That was what I figured when I had to decide what wheel size the Schlumpf should go into. And I don’t regret my choice. Maybe if I lived in the Alps or so a geared 24" would be more versatile, but the 26" is perfect for most of my rides. Especially with that big phat tire:D.

If you want to strip your muni, I recommend using paint stripper. I found out the hard way… My 24" was done without it and it was a real PITA. With paint stripper it was so much easier.

Hey, I will probably post a pic of my MUni on here later but I was curios what brand of pedals come standard on the Nimbus MUni 24"… :thinking:

Mine came with Wellgo pedals.

On the loaner Nimbus MUni’s I have here the pedals appear to be the generic/home brand:

Thanks man. Those appear to be the ones I have on my MUni. Good to see there fairly inexpensive too…

Definitely, I already stripped my KH longneck with some really nice paint stripper I bought. I have more than half left and should use it since the bottle says not to keep it more than six months. My muni frame is starting to look like crap so there’s really no reason why I shouldn’t do it. I’ll post pics once I’m back from Canada and have finished the deed.

My 24" isnt dirty anymore :frowning: went rding with mates in the rain :smiley: oh well

Today I’m going Muni, if it gets super dirty I’ll take a picture of it:) if not, well…I probably wont then:(

lol yea I want to go for a good old Muddy Muni :sunglasses:

Wheelset: Qu-Ax yellow ISIS 48 hole hub, DB45 rim, Duro Wildlife Leopard 24x3.0" tire
Fork: Qu-Ax cro-mo flat crown '08
Cranks: KH Moment 150
Pedals: Odyssey JC Trailmix
Saddle: KH Fusion Freeride '08

Frame: Nimbus 29er.
Post: Stock.
Clamp: Stock.
Hub: Nimbus ISIS.
Cranks: 125mm KH Moments.
Pedals: Gusset Slim Jim’s.
Rim: '09 KH 29" freeride.
Tyre: Halo Choir Master 2.3".
Seat: CF base, Nimbus gel, KH cover, Button head allen bolts.

I have since bunged a brake on it, just come crappy caliper for the time being. I’ve taken to riding it on the sand banks when the tide is out, but I’m yet to do some proper muni on it.

Wow, that baby has sure changed from when you first bought it!(if it’s even the same 29’er…)

Yeah, it’s the same one. I’ve still to get a new post, clamp, pedals and a KH frame, but that can wait for the Surly to be sourced and built.