Post Your MUni here!

Sort of over-built for what I have been using it for lately but here is my current configuration.

KH seat with modified dual density prototype foam
Handle bar made from a bike top-tube, the T off a T7, and bar ends with foam grips. - foam grips rule in the winter
Yuni frame - the only original part but powder-coated black.
Nimbus ISIS hub
Echo 160mm cranks
Echo 46mm rim
Gazzalodi 26X3

I also use a studded Duro with modified tread when riding in icy conditions and swap to a Conti Gravity 2.3 with 145mm Qu-Ax cranks for faster XC rides

So can anyone spot anything wrong in the picture?

EDIT: sorry about the screen stretch, how do I fix that?

Here’s my completely stock 24" Qu-Ax. Location is Candolim, Goa, in India. Yep, I packed my unicycle up and took it to the other side of the world in my suitcase. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here I am riding my completely stock 24" Qu-Ax on the beach in Candolim, Goa, India. I actually packed the thing up in my suitcase and flew it to the other side of the world!

Some repairs and re-greasing needed after a trip into the sea…

Here’s my new toy. Mostly 2009 KH29, but with Tensile 140s, MG1-Ti pedals, HS33 and Racing Ralph 2.4" tyre. Weighs a tad under 6kg. Sorry Justin if it’s not your size :wink:



Nice Rob, I assume this will be your choice for Mayhem? How much weight do the Tensile’s save over the Moment’s?

according to this, Tensiles are 410grams and Moments(137mm) are 612gram!

BTW, Nice Munis everyone:)

Yes - this was built up with racing in mind, should be good on the Mayhem course. Not sure how well the Ralph will work in the really sticky mud we tend to get there though - have to hope it’s a rare dry year, or I may have to run a different (heavier :() tyre.

Like somebody already said, the Tensiles are about 200g lighter than Moments. Qu-Ax ISIS cranks are slightly lighter again and are strong enough for xc riding - I’ve got a pair of 145s on my coker - but I prefer something with a bit more Q for off road. The Tensiles are really nice looking as well.

The pedals weigh just over 300g a pair - considerably lighter than the V8s I normally use (I think they’re over 500g). Probably a bit overkill, but they’re nice and I got them cheap off ebay :slight_smile:

The Ralph is a very light tyre, so helps a lot in the general feel of the wheel - accelerates like a rocket. It would probably be too flexible for anything more than light xc, but that’s what I built this thing for. Saying that, I took it over some quite rocky bits of trail on my test ride last weekend and it didn’t handle too badly. It grips like a limpet on most surfaces (probably at the expense of wear rate though I suspect - and it’s a pretty costly tyre).

Overall it feels really light and responsive and looks nice (apart from the nasty black spokes - why does Kris use those?! Presumably they’re cheaper than proper polished ones).

I could easily shave a bit more weight off by using a carbon saddle base (saves about 200g I think), but then I’d have to start getting silly with Ti hub and things. If I broke the saddle base I’d probably replace it with a carbon one - but I never break saddles! I’m happy with it how it is though.


Looks like a great ride, Rob. Ever since you started posting that you were putting together a 29" I’ve been looking forward to seeing the results.

Looks like a great ride, Rob. Ever since you started posting that you were putting together a 29" I’ve been looking forward to seeing the results. A single bolt seat clamp would save you a few grams. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah, I did think about a smaller clamp, then decided that was possibly getting a bit too anal for non-rotating weight, so just stuck with the standard clamp that came with the KH. Saving weight in the cranks, tyre and pedals is much more constructive. Anyway, it’s hardly more than a week old - plenty of time for upgrades (and then they don’t count as part of the purchase price, so easier to justify ;))

I’m very happy with it though - nice and lively-feeling without the price getting too silly. Purely cosmetically-speaking I fancied one of the KH hubs with polished flanges (rather than anodised black), but apparently there was only one batch of made like that (by mistake), and they all went to the USA - bummer. And I’m not a fan of black spokes, but I’m not going to rebuild a perfectly good wheel just for that - they’ll have to grow on me.

Like I said, I could easily lose another 400g by throwing money at it and using a Ti hub and cf seat base, but that’s just dead weight and I’m not convinced it would make enough of a difference to justify the considerable extra cost. The '09 KH Ti hub doesn’t half look cool though :smiley:


You are closed (not close) minded because you can’t understand how a unicycle is what it is when it is being used. A 20" MUni is a MUni while it is being ridden down a mountain, just like it is a MUni when you ride it anywhere not on the road, including trials lines. Just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t matter at all. A lot of people wouldn’t make sense of using a unicycle rather than a bike- so you just need to open your mind one step further and not be trapped in the ‘one wheelsize’ self limitation. At the end of the day it is time for night-MUni and the torch selection is as important as wheelsize. Plenty of fun MUni rides have been done on combinations of 20", 24", 26", and 29" tires.

If something is not broken, do not fix it! You can do trials on 24" or 26" trials unicycles!

Felt like a change of colour on my KH24, so set off on a mission to strip the original paint, clean it up, and respray it. Came out fairly well I think. It was a lot easier than I had anticipated other than the bearing holders, and good fun.

I like the colour but would prefer something a little darker, so next time possibly :slight_smile:


After (with a replaced KH2010 Freeride Saddle)


Cool, its looks real nice!

Yep, and the dusty tyre sets it off just lovely.:smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t ride it at the moment. Injured my left knee 10 days ago and still trying to get it sorted.

lol … yeah … well … it is a MUni :smiley:

I really love that color, but I’m not one for a full black saddle. For some reason I think it needs to be offset. I think it would look really cool with one of the white KH saddles, but then it’d get dirty pretty fast n.n’

I love this thread so thought I would post an updated picture of my KH26, it’s had a few updates since my original post.

I’ve just swapped from a KH Freeride saddle to a KH Street; I was finding the Freeride too soft on rides over 4 hours and have found the Street saddle much more comfortable. It’s also more agile and a full 150 grams lighter! :smiley:

I have also swapped to a Hope QW saddle clamp, which works a treat, and have changed my pedals for Superstar Components Nano Tech Flats. They are great, robust, thin and light at 375 grams with their Titanium axles.

My next planned updates are for a Thomson seatpost and possibly a carbon fiber seat base although I’m told they have more curve the the new KH Saddle bases which puts me off a little?


That explains why there was something odd-looking about your 29er - never could quite work it out! :o
It looks a lot more in-proportion than my Nimbus 26 does with a skinny tyre. I’ve used it with a 2" Z-Max a couple of times for super-muddy races and it works well (loads of clearance), but looks pretty silly.

I thought about that for my new 29er, but decided against it in the end because I’ve had a couple of the older Freeride saddles and like them a lot. I’m a fan of hard skinny bike saddles though, so perhaps a Street would work for me as well… or even an Impact Naomi like Ken Looi’s been raving about recently. Part of what puts me off is having “street” written on it - does it come with compulsory hoodie and gold chains? :wink:

Interesting - haven’t seen those before. I’ve never tried any of the “skinny” pedals. Bit heavy though :wink:

I think the UDC carbon bases are probably the “old” profile, so a bit more curved than the 2009 KH saddles. From the talk on the forum though, some others may be about to make some that may be a bit different (EB were on about it as a next project after their carbon frames). Would a bike seatpost really be much advantage over the KH? You’d need to use a rail adaptor unless you do a Scott Wallis type mod to the base.
Lose the Moments though - easy way to shed rotating weight (although it seems I bought the last pair of Tensiles in the world, sorry!)


mmm… I’m sure it will be soon covered by mud and grime. :smiley:

Thin pedals feel great, it’s nice to have your foot so close to the axle, I found it helped balance & spinning. They have a nice big platform too. Oh, they do do Magnesium versions to bring the weight down further! :sunglasses:

I believe the top plate from the KH adjustable seatpost slots straight into the Thomson seatpost, which is both stronger & lighter!

I remember somebody saying they looked similar, but don’t know if anybody tried it. Cool if it works though.